Exhibitor Profile – R3S Global – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

Stand: 5
Company Name: R3S Global
Contact Name: Chris Scott
Tel: 07599 689730
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.r3s-global.com

R3S Global is a recognised management consultancy supporting our education clients, both schools and universities, in the fields of crisis management and security.

Planning for crises is a core R3S Global deliverable within the sector. Working with your senior management team, our goal is to help your thinking around managing disruptive events, including the challenges of crisis leadership, timely decision-making and communication. Our testing and exercising packages aim to enhance your team’s confidence and offer a realistic assessment of your school’s readiness and resilience.

Our bespoke services can help confirm that your security measures effectively mitigate the risks to your estate, ensuring you are fully prepared to respond to any incident or threat. We also have extensive knowledge in developing and refining ‘Lockdown’ preparedness across all sectors.

Now in our sixth year with the sector, our accrued experience ensures that our services are properly tailored to meet your unique needs.

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