Exhibitor Profile – Rutbusters – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

Stand: 34
Company Name: Rutbusters
Contact Name: Kedge Martin
Tel: 07779 594 086
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.rutbusters.org/ and https://youngbow.com/

Your people are your most valuable assets but very often even the most talented and successful people can get stuck in a rut. Rutbusters coaches senior professionals in career transition, whether moving into leadership roles or moving on from their current organisation. Rutbusters are a group of leading professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds spanning education, government, business, the military and not-for-profit sectors now peer coaches and mentors – we help you get the best from your team at every stage.

‘I am bursting inside - I feel so motivated now, thank you”

‘”A million thank yous for your time today. It was mind-exploding - I can't believe the shift in thinking that I am going through.”

“You’ve given me the confidence to change careers, to find my next future and help achieve my dreams and aspirations. Thank you for helping me at such a pivotal point in my life”

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