Exhibitor Profile – Synergia Coaching – HMC Autumn Conference 2019

Stand: 33
Company Name: Synergia Coaching
Contact Name: Kerry Clark
Tel: 01785 711 593
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.synergiacoaching.co.uk

As a leading school improvement company, Synergia works with many independent schools nationwide developing leadership excellence. We address a school’s specific needs by developing individuals, teams and whole school staff, empowering schools to solve the people issues they face on a day-to-day basis.

We act as coaching consultants and have worked with senior leadership teams to develop the managerial and leadership approaches within their school, working with teams to increase effectiveness or to achieve high performance.

We design and deliver school leadership and management development programmes for middle managers. In addition, we work with SLTs and Governing Bodies in the development of School strategies and Development Plans.

Our experienced coaching team has also worked across the whole organisation delivering INSET training days, coaching qualifications for school leaders, enabling conversations training and CPD courses events. We work with schools around such areas as change management, coaching and performance review mechanisms.

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