Christ’s Hospital Bursaries

Christ HospitalChrist’s Hospital will be offering 85% of its new pupils entering year 7 a fee-assisted boarding place at the school this September. More than 20% of these pupils will be receiving a fully paid place.

Christ’s Hospital aims to:

  • To increase the social and cultural diversity of its pupils.
  • Transform the lives of pupils that couldn’t otherwise afford boarding education.

What it involves:

Over 85% of the new entrants will receive a fee-assisted bursary. 20% of these will receive a fully paid place including uniform, food, accommodation, all teaching and learning materials, pocket money, and travel to and from school. All families applying for a bursary place are assessed according to household income and awarded a bursary on a sliding scale.


One of the School’s great strengths is the social and cultural diversity of its pupils. Over the past five years, the school has enhanced its cultural and social diversity by welcoming an increase in number of parents who can afford to pay the full fee.

An example of a student receiving a bursary place at Christ’s Hospital is Marv, a pupil who joined the School in Year 7 and is now in Year 12 said: “Growing up in south east London, my family and I encountered many difficulties.  My mum heard about Christ’s Hospital from a headteacher - I was nine years old and raring to start my application to the School immediately.  In Year 7, I found settling in a challenge until around three weeks in; boarding was odd to me, but exciting also, and without my family I quickly found great friends to fill the gap. Growing up through my early teenage years at Christ’s Hospital has taught me about the importance of friendship; through the years  people in the School become like family, and it is this sense of togetherness that I feel is the beating heart of the School. When I was young, I had two major aspirations – the first to become prime minister of the UK, the second, to become an engineer.”  Marv has won an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, supporting future leaders in engineering.

“We look forward very much to welcoming our new intake this September. All the candidates will have worked hard for their place at Christ’s Hospital having been assessed on their potential both academically and for managing broader curriculum opportunities. They thoroughly deserve their place and it was good to see them recently at our new entrants’ day when they met their contemporaries, were introduced to their Houseparents and, mostly excitingly, tried on their CH uniform for the first time. Being part of the boarding community at Christ’s Hospital is the start of a life-changing journey and a great adventure.” - Simon Reid, Headmaster