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Exam Pressures

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10 April 2016

In a blog 10.04.16, HMC member Kevin Fear, headmaster of leading independent Nottingham High School writes about how parents can support pupils to cope with exam pressure. As we move into the… Find out more

Revision Help

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17 March 2016

From the day that Baby Mozart left the maternity ward, parents desperate to do the best for their children have sought every bit of help possible. What is the situation… Find out more

Customer services

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27 September 2015

We bought a fridge from a well-known High Street retailer over the summer (yes, it’s a glamorous life). Our story is replicated up and down the country I’m sure, and… Find out more


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13 May 2015

Put the words ‘student’ and ‘European’ together and what springs to mind? In the post-UKIP world perhaps few will now be openly stressing about UK universities over-run by EC students;… Find out more

The Lost Spring

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30 March 2015

The sun is out; buds are opening and a customary crop of spring articles on exam preparation sprout in time for the Easter holidays: Top Tips for Revision season; Easter… Find out more

Careers and University Advice

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17 March 2015

We live in an increasingly qualification-driven society and one of the first duties of education is to ensure each pupil achieves their academic potential.  However, while exam results may gain… Find out more