Boarding Schools

51% of HMC independent schools offer boarding in some form and educate 124,502 boarding students*.

A modern boarding school feels like a home away from home. Detailed feedback from government regulated inspection of boarding schools reveals that boarding is incredibly popular with children and parents. With a variety of boarding options tailored to fit your family’s lifestyle, budget and location, and schools buzzing with activity around the clock, it has never been a better time to board and the boarding experience has never been more accessible or dynamic. Families can choose from full boardingweekly boarding and flexi-boarding, where students can opt to stay at school for up to three nights per week. Weekly and flexi-boarding are becoming more popular as families have increasingly busy work schedules.

The range of HMC independent schools offering boarding is equally as diverse as our day schools: co-educational, single-sex or “diamond”; rural or urban; outstanding in specialist areas, such as sport, music, art or drama; academically challenging and successful, but all with a sharp focus on the individual needs of each child.

Every child is unique and by understanding what type of student your child is you will be able to select the environment best able to help them succeed. Find the right boarding school for your child, with boarding options that suit your family’s lifestyle, budget and location, and they will have the time of their lives. Click here, to find out why you can be assured that by choosing a HMC independent school you are choosing the very best education for your child.

Full Boarding

Full boarding gives students a chance to develop confidence, social skills, independence, self-motivation and cultural awareness. Read more...

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarders usually live at school from Sunday night or Monday morning until Friday or Saturday. Read more...


Flexi-boarding is popular with students who would have a long journey into school and would like to break up the travelling during the week. Read more...

Pastoral Care

The care and welfare of pupils is a top priority in HMC independent schools. Boarding schools are usually organised into a house system, each having a resident Housemaster/Housemistress and assisted by matrons and tutors who are always on hand to provide advice and support. Within each house, the houseparents have overall responsibility for pupils’ care and welfare and they quickly get to know each young person as an individual. To find out more about the pastoral support in HMC independent schools please click here.

Fees and Financial Support

Boarding schools' fees are typically higher than those of day schools. Many schools have foundations and bursary schemes through which they are able to offer funded places to pupils who would benefit from a boarding education, but whose parents are unable to afford the fees. These schools, and many others like them, continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children in very difficult and challenging circumstances. To find out more about boarding fees and financial support please click here.

*ISC Independent Schools.