Going Loco in Parentis? Changing times for parents and schools

Dr Rosemary Taylor - Key Issues

Dr Rosemary TaylorThe stress brought about by the changing times in which we live is proving increasingly challenging for the crucial triumvirate – family, child and school. In times of significant change ‘groupthink’ takes over and we typically go tribal, with each tribe feeding off each other’s fears, concerns and imagined worstcase scenarios. For Heads, understanding the human psyche is key to being chief lookout onboard ship, whilst at the same time, keeping a safe hand on the tiller. Additionally, the north/south divide continues to be debated across schools but even this is shifting to reflect cultural and behavioural changes and we can observe differences emerging in the conversations parents are having with schools and also with each other. Food for thought for school leaders in understanding and managing parental concern and expectations in challenging times.

Dr Rosemary Taylor, Senior Partner of Key Issues, is a qualified teacher with a Masters Degree in Leadership & Management. Early in her career she rose to become one of the youngest Headteachers in the country and following her third successful Headship, including a school merger, she decided to return to her primary interest in Behavioural Psychology. Her PhD stemmed from an interest in the neuroscience behind how people respond to, deal with and manage change and led to further study and research within the wider field. Rosemary now works as a consultant and specialist trainer across both public and private sectors and spends much of her time as a guest speaker, delivering seminars and keynote presentations on the international lecture circuit across Europe and the Middle and Far East. Early in 2007 she was appointed as an advisor to the UN, working in the Middle East in developing senior leaders and in 2012 she was appointed as a consultant for the Council of British International Schools. 2017 visits to date have included Abu Dhabi and The Hague. When time allows, Rosemary also writes for a number of professional publications and journals and is a regional editor for The Good Schools Guide.

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