News items: 07.12.19 – 31.12.19

Press Releases and Statements

HMC response to Gavin Williamson’s confirmation as Education Secretary, (Mike Buchanan, HMC Executive Director), 17.12.19

HMC News

The Times, Schools lock up pupils’ phones for holidays, (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice Chair, Reigate Grammar School), 22.12.19

Independent Education, ‘Committed action’ required by schools, says HMC Director, (Mike Buchanan, HMC Executive Director), 18.12.19

TES, Successful A level grade challenges up by 11%, (Mike Buchanan, HMC Executive Director), 13.12.19

TES, Think Oxbridge entry is unfair? Let's talk about rugby, (HMC, Mark Steed, Kellett School, The British School in Hong Kong), 06.12.19

Members’ News

The Independent, State schools welcome £1.2m donation to help poor white boys after rejection from elite schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL, Dulwich College, Winchester College), 31.12.19

TES, Academy leaders back bursaries for poor white boys, (Joseph Spence, Dulwich College, Winchester College) 31.12.19

iNews, Private schools reject philanthropist's £1m scholarship gift intended for disadvantaged white male students, (Joseph Spence, Dulwich College, Winchester College), 30.12.19

The Times, Elite schools snub £1m gift for poor white boys, (Dulwich College, Winchester College), 30.12.19.  Also in The Telegraph

The Times, The Times view on Bryan Thwaites’s bequest: Teaching Timidity, (Dulwich College, Winchester College), 30.12.19

Financial Times, Rejection of ‘white boy’ scholarships sparks equality debate, (Joseph Spence, Dulwich College, Winchester College) 30.12.19.  Also in The Guardian, BBC News, The Mirror, ITV News, Evening Standard

GOV.UK, New Year’s Honours 2020: education, children's services and social mobility, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon), 27.12.19.  Also in TES, Schools Week, and The Daily Mail

Financial Times, British boarding schools learn how to tap China’s market, (Wellington College, Malvern College, Dulwich College, Wycombe Abbey School, Sutton Valence School), 25.12.19

TES, Train and retain: how to grow your own leaders, (Mark Leppard MBE, The British School Al Khubairat Abu Dhabi), 22.12.19

Independent Education, How independent schools are giving back, (John Edward, Scottish Council of Independent Schools, Merchiston Castle School, Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools (ESMS), Morrison’s Academy), 20.12.19

BBC News, Target extra cash to schools in the red, says Reform, (Geoff Barton, Association of School and College Leaders), 19.12.19

TES, Why it's time to abolish GCSEs, (Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School), 17.12.19

Independent Education, 2019 in independent education, (Suzie Longstaff, Putney High School), 16.12.19

The Pie News, UK education and TNE exports increased to £21.4 billion in 2017, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 12.12.19

TES, Exclusive: Labour is only party to woo more teachers, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 11.12.19

Times Local, Why our next government should prioritise education, (Samantha Price, Benenden School), 11.12.19

The Guardian, T-level courses may not be ready by 2020, warns education union, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.12.19

TES, 'Tell girls that they can choose not to have it all', (Samantha Price, Benenden School), 09.12.19

The Courier, Independent schools in Tayside say ‘punitive’ change to charity rates will hit local community, (Gareth Warren, Morrison’s Academy, John Halliday, High School of Dundee), 07.12.19

Independent Education, Scottish private schools face tax hike in 2020, (John Edward, Director of SCIS), 06.12.19

Other articles of interest

The Daily Mail, Schools too afraid to help white boys and the Lakes deemed not ethnic enough... this lunacy helps no one, writes TREVOR PHILLIPS, former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, 30.12.19

The Scotsman, Growing calls to allow all Scots pupils to take eight subjects in fourth year, 27.12.19

TES, 'Groundhog Day in education would be a disaster', 22.12.19

BBC News, Poorer London pupils still win race to university, 17.12.19

The Guardian, Tate and Steve McQueen call for 'arts-rich' school curriculum, 17.12.19

Schools Week, Conservative majority: What does it mean for schools?, 17.12.19

Schools Week, Steep rise in warning notices for private schools, 17.12.19

The Telegraph, Teachers are telling pupils that Cambridge is 'not for the likes of you', new St John's College Master warns, 14.12.19

TES, Should private schools breathe a sigh of relief?, 13.12.19

TES, Over half of MPs educated in comprehensives.  Also in The Telegraph, 13.12.19

The Times, What next on Brexit and other issues? Boris Johnson’s policies and in-tray, 13.12.19

BBC News, Election results 2019: Boris Johnson returns to power with big majority.  Also in The Times, Sky News and The Financial Times,  13.12.19

Schools Week, Use of schools as polling stations falls 10%, 13.12.19

The Times, Top universities ‘should allocate places by lottery’, 12.12.19

TES, 3 effective ways schools can prioritise staff wellbeing, 11.12.19

TES, Election night: education's ones to watch, 11.12.19

TES, Need to know: Scottish private schools and rates relief, 11.12.19

TES, However you vote in this election, vote education, 11.12.19

Independent Education, Best of British – what can UK independent schools offer in an education?, 11.12.19

TES, Why abolishing private schools will harm orphans, 10.12.19

The Daily Mail, Number of students taking English A-levels has slumped because they are put off by a 'dull' GCSE course, teachers warn, 10.12.19

iNews, Reformed English GCSEs are ‘dull’ and ‘tedious’, putting students off taking subject at A level, teachers warn, 10.12.19

Express, Labour’s schools plan would INCREASE class sizes, analysis says, 10.12.19

The Telegraph, The Private School Planner, 10.12.19

TES, Fact check: 6 manifesto pledges under the microscope, 10.12.19

TES, Schools dropping A Level English 'due to tedious GCSE', 09.12.19

The Times, Athletes have ‘better-tuned brains’, says study by Northwestern University in Illinois, 09.12.19

TES, One in four teachers 'needed overseas by 2029', 09.12.19

The Times, Hannah Fry: Teach children to fall in love with maths and they can count on it for life, 08.12.19

Financial Times, Parties accused of failing to address schools inequality, 06.12.19