News links from 01.06.2020 – 31.07.2020

Press Releases and Statements

HMC comment on assessed exam grades guidance, (Ian Power, HMC General Secretary), 21.07.2020

HMC highlights the efforts of schools to help others during the pandemic, (Ian Power, HMC General Secretary), 03.07.2020

HMC Blog

Pupils' mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown, (Richard Backhouse, The Berkhamsted Schools Group), 15.06.2020

HMC News

The Telegraph, Ofqual steps in as thousands of students miss out on expected IB Diploma grades, (Ian Power, HMC General Secretary), 12.07.2020. Also in the Financial Times (FT Premium access required to view content)

The Times, Time letters: Plan for full return to school in September, (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice Chair, Reigate Grammar School), 04.07.2020

ISC blog, The New Normal? Never was, never will be, (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice Chair, Reigate Grammar School), 24.06.2020

TES, Private schools hire marquees to allow pupils to return, (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice Chair, Reigate Grammar School), 22.06.2020

The Telegraph, Private schools open to pupils with temperature checks and teachers in plastic visors in move to new 'normal', (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice, Chair, Reigate Grammar School; The King’s School in Macclesfield, Eton College), 09.06.2020

School House Magazine, A message about the ordinary, (Shaun Fenton, HMC Vice Chair, Reigate Grammar School), 08.06.2020

Members’ News

The Telegraph, How to raise an alpha kid: the super-rich parent's guide to piano playing, (Wells Cathedral School; Chetham’s School of Music, Winchester College), 28.07.2020

TES, Could Covid help us rethink university applications?, (Steffan Griffiths, Nowrich School), 27.07.2020

The Telegraph, Boarding schools back in style as parents worry about a Covid-19 second wave, (Tim Hands, Winchester College; Stephen Jones, St Edward’s School Oxford, Rugby School, Bedales School, Stowe School, Shrewsbury School, Oundle School, Uppingham School, Cheltenham College), 27.07.2020

The Mail on Sunday, Now TEN schools tell pupils to wear face masks for when they return in September in defiance of Government advice that they are unnecessary, (Brighton College), 26.07.2020

The Guardian, Sixth-formers able to haggle for top UK universities under new grading system, (Barnaby Lenon, Chair at ISC), 25.07.2020

The Telegraph, Top private school had ‘culture of inflating predicted grades’, (Sevenoaks School), 24.07.2020

The Daily Mail, The school that locked down TOGETHER: Where other schools closed, these pupils stayed put... after its head teacher was inspired by the 'magical experience' of children who were evacuated in WWII, (Mark Waldron, Ryde School), 22.07.2020

The Telegraph, A-level and GCSE results set to be higher this summer than last year’s, exam watchdog says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.07.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers' pay increase 'a kick in the teeth' for senior staff, union tells Rishi Sunak, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.07.2020

iNews, A-levels 2020: Universities urged to double check teachers’ grade predictions with schools if students miss offers, (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC), 21.07.2020

BBC News, Back-to-office parents need childcare, says Starmer, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.07.2020

The Times, The Times view on the success of London schools: Education Challenge, (Brighton College, Eton College, Westminster School), 21.07.2020

The Times, Tale of two cities divided by chance of top degree, (Richard Cairns, Brighton College; Eton College), 21.07.2020

BBC News, Norwich School response to racism allegations 'disappointing', (Norwich School), 20.07.2020

The Telegraph, Boris Johnson to announce £2bn funding boost for state schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.07.2020

The Times, Girls show less ambition than boys in targeting elite university places, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.07.2020

The Guardian, 'Only a zealot would oppose': should the UK nationalise struggling private schools?, (Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School), 18.07.2020

TES, Exclusive: 89% teachers lack trust in DfE over Covid, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.07.2020

BBC News, 'No plan B' for exams if schools disrupted in autumn, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.07.2020

TES, Ofqual's 'reckless' lack of plan B for GCSEs 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.07.2020

The Times, Teachers and pupils demand answers after IB grades fall, (St Edward’s School, Oxford), 14.07.2020

The Times, School’s out (still): how to keep your child motivated, (Julia Harrington, Queen Anne's School, Caversham), 11.07.2020

BBC News, GCSE and A-level results 'could be affected by bias', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 11.07.2020

TES, Heads told to sanction pupils for coughing over others, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.07.2020

iNews, Gavin Williamson is tearing up the target of 50% of people going to university, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.07.2020.  Also in The Telegraph, The Times, Financial Times, BBC News, The Guardian and TES

TES, Exclusive: Warning that 40% of GCSE grades may change, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 08.07.2020

Independent Education Today, Schools introduced ‘enhanced measures’ to support mental health during lockdown, says HMC, (Dan Harrison, Sedbergh School; Mark Ronan, The King’s Hospital School), 08.07.2020

The Telegraph, Headteachers call for exams to be cut back next year amid fears of a mental health crisis for young people, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 07.07.2020.  Also in BBC News, iNews and The Guardian

TES, January return of Ofsted inspections ‘wrong’, say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.07.2020

The Telegraph, Ofsted to visit schools from September but inspectors will not judge lockdown learning, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.07.2020. Also in The Daily Mail,

The Guardian, Teachers urge suspension of English school league tables in 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 05.07.2020

The Sunday Times, Private schools could be shut over racism, 05.07.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers should be vigilant for signs of abuse when schools reopen, NSPCC says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 04.07.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Williamson lays down law on full-time school return, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.07.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Heads fear there’s no Plan B for schools if Covid-19 spikes over summer, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Telegraph, Explained: the proposed changes to 2021 GCSE exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

TES, No Ofsted until January but tables may be back in 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

inews, GCSEs and A-levels 2021: Exams start date could be delayed and changes made to assessment in some courses, Ofqual reveals, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Times, New School coronavirus rules are mind-boggling, say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Telegraph, Explained: proposed changes to non-core GCSE exams for 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Telegraph, What do teachers make of the new 'back-to-school' guidelines?, (Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School), 02.07.2020

TES, Heads hit out over lack of cash for September opening, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

TES, 75% of teachers want more online learning training, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

TES, September school openings 'a mind-boggling challenge', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

TES, Maintaining social distance: zombies, bubbles and food, (Harrow International School Bangkok), 02.07.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: School safety means two cases and pupils go home, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

Financial Times, UK government lays out plan for full return to school in September, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Times, Teachers must plan for online lessons in case of more closures, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

TES, No Ofsted until January but tables may be back in 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

The Telegraph, Schools are reopening in September - what does the guidance say?, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.07.2020

iNews, GCSEs: Schools fear being charged ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’ for autumn exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.07.2020

The Guardian, Are private schools serious about tackling racism? I give them a D-, (Westminster School), 01.07.2020

The Telegraph, Will schools fully reopen in September – and how will they work?, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.07.2020

The Times, Pupils who dispute teacher rating can sit autumn exam, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.07.2020

BBC News, GCSE and A-level autumn exams offered in all subjects, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 30.06.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Autumn series grades to be based only on exams, Ofqual confirms, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 30.06.2020

The Telegraph, Children will be told to walk or cycle to school rather than take public transport, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 30.06.2020

BBC News, Penalty fines for missing school next term, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.06.2020. Also in The Metro, Sky News, The Guardian, iNews

The Telegraph, Even the oldest schools must keep pace with modern thinking – that means making our curriculum more diverse, (Tim Hands, Winchester College), 29.06.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Heads caution against fines for parents who keep children at home, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.06.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, Headteachers may refuse to fine parents who keep children at home in September, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Test all pupils for coronavirus in school so they can return to classrooms, Tony Blair's think-tank urges Boris Johnson, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.06.2020

BBC News, PM Boris Johnson promising £1bn to rebuild crumbling schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Private schools accuse ministers of 'ignoring' their offers to provide summer catch-up courses for local children in letter to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, (Adam Pettitt, Highgate School; Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC, King's College School Wimbledon, The Bury Grammar Schools), 28.06.2020

Schools Week, Some assessment could be moved to earlier in 2021, suggests heads’ union, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 27.06.2020

The Guardian, Sevenoaks school rewrites predicted grades policy, (Sevenoaks School), 26.06.2020

The Times, Eton pledges to ‘decolonise’ its teaching after parents’ appeal, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 26.06.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

Evening Standard, London heads welcome ‘double bubble’ plan to help all children return to school, (Vicky Bingham, South Hampstead High School), 25.06.2020

BBC News, Reception assessments delayed amid school disruption, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 25.06.2020

The Telegraph, Government scraps reception baseline tests in olive branch to unions ahead of schools reopening, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 25.06.2020

The Telegraph, Police called in to investigate allegations of racism at leading boys’ school, (Loughborough Grammar School), 25.06.2020

TES, How do I become a housemistress or housemaster?, (Leo Winkley, Shrewsbury School), 25.06.2020

Schools Week, Schools can afford Covid reopening costs from existing budgets, DfE insists, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.06.2020

TES, Exclusive: £650m catch-up cash not targeted at poor, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.06.2020

The Telegraph, Schools to scrap social distancing in September, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.06.2020

ITV News, Loughborough Grammar School for boys issues apology after allegations of racism, (Loughborough Grammar School), 24.06.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: 1.1m pupils have returned to school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.06.2020

The Guardian, Top private school asks teachers to exaggerate exam predictions, (Sevenoaks School; Dr Katy Ricks, King Edward’s School Birmingham), 24.06.2020

TES, Extra funds for 3,000 new teachers due to Covid crisis, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.06.2020

Attain Magazine, The problem of worry, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 23.06.2020

The Telegraph, 'Pure fantasy' to say all children will be back at school in September, headteachers warn, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.06.2020

The Telegraph, How the new one-metre distancing rule will affect schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.06.2020

The Telegraph, Eton headmaster apologises for racism experienced by first black student, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 23.06.2020. Also in The Metro, The Daily Mail, BBC News, The Courier

The Daily Mail, Eton College apologises to Nigerian author banned from going back to the £42,000-a-year private school after his book detailed appalling racism he suffered as first black student to complete his studies there, (Simon Henderson, Eton College; Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.06.2020. Also in BBC News,  Sky news, ITV News, The Daily Mail, The Independent, LBC News

The Metro, Twelve Oxford colleges accepted five or fewer black students in past three years, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 23.06.2020

The Courier, Fee-paying schools prepare for full reopening in August, (Lise Hudson, High School of Dundee), 23.06.2020

The Telegraph, 'Unfathomable' lack of schooling likely to breach Scottish children's rights, says government adviser, (John Edward, Director of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools), 22.06.2020

The Sunday Times, Letters to the Editor: Those who can’t, run teaching unions, (Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School), 21.06.2020

The Sunday Times, Back to school: ‘Teachers should curtail holiday’ for September start, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.06.2020

The Sunday Post, Private schools prepare to reopen fully in August, piling pressure on ministers to deliver more classrooms, (John Edward, Director of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools; Dr Michael Alderson, Glenalmond College, Johanna Urquhart, Lomond School, Helen Harrison, Fettes College, 21.06.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Class divide as private schools plan full return, (Glenalmond College; Lomond School, The Glasgow Academy, Fettes College, John Edward Scottish Council of Independent Schools), 20.06.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: double bubble could get all pupils back to school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.06.2020

The Telegraph, Top private schools plan to ‘decolonise’ syllabuses and reconsider cultures, (Patrick Derham, Westminster School; Winchester College, Fettes College, St Paul’s Girls School, Gordonstoun), 20.06.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

The Telegraph, Exclusive: Private school unveils its own track and trace system, (Dr Richard Maloney, Uppingham School), 19.06.2020

The Guardian, 'It’s a basic equality issue': home learning gap between state and private schools, (Martin Boulton, Manchester Grammar School), 19.06.2020

The Times, Letters to the Editor: School Resilience, (Alistair Tighe, Wells Cathedral School), 19.06.2020

The Times, ‘National tutor’ scheme to help struggling pupils in England, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 19.06.2020

The Telegraph, Extra £1bn for children to 'catch-up' on learning, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 19.06.2020. Also in BBC News

BBC News, Norwich School hit by racism allegations in letter, (Steffan Griffths, Norwich School),  18.06.2020 Also in The Daily Mail

iNews, GCSE and A-level exams 2020: Millions of proposed grades set to be cut down after ‘generous’ predictions by teachers, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL, 18.06.2020

ITV News, Top private school in Norfolk accused by more than 200 pupils of racism, (Steffan Griffiths, Norwich School), 18.06.2020

TES, Why we must scrap GCSEs: 4 ways to form a better system, (Sarah Fletcher, St Paul’s Girls’ School), 18.06.2020

Independent Schools Magazine, Re-opening schools: Promoting safety and well-being, (Jeremy Quartermain, Rossall School), 18.06.2020, P.14

Independent Schools Magazine, Re-opening schools: Full-time return in August, (Lomond School), 18.06.2020, P.14

The Times, Schools and coronavirus: how to bring pupils back safely, (David Goodhew, Latymer Upper School; Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 18.06.2020

TES, More grade queries likely on results day, say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.06.20202

The Guardian, Government to fund private tutors for English schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.06.2020

The Telegraph, Private schools offer to open up classrooms to state educated children for 'catch-up' lessons this summer, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 17.06.2020

DfE News, Speculation around independent schools reopening, 17.06.2020

The Times, Teachers’ unions accused of pushing view that schools are coronavirus death traps, 18.06.2020

TES, 'Coronavirus has made educators think more globally', (Ian Munro, Dollar Academy), 17.06.2020

TES, Private school grounds offered for summer catch-up, (Jo Anderson, The Bury Grammar Schools, Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC, King's College School Wimbledon), 17.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Private schools set to offer buildings and grounds for summer catch-up courses, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC; Jo Andreson, The Bury Grammar Schools, King’s College School Wimbledon), 17.06.2020. Also in Sky News

The Daily Mail, Letter signed by 1,500 paediatricians demands Boris Johnson publish a clear plan for getting children back to school before generation of pupils are left 'scarred for life', (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC), 17.06.2020

The Telegraph, Exclusive: Private schools set to ignore Government and open in September 'come what may', 16.06.2020 Also in The Daily Mail (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC)

TES, Heads can't see catch-up happening in summer holidays, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.06.2020

The Courier, Private schools enjoy ‘huge spike’ in interest from exam-age pupils as concerns grow over Scottish Government plans, (Lise Hudson, High School of Dundee; Gordonstoun, Glenalmond College), 16.06.2020

The Telegraph, Why I wrote an open letter to my old private school asking them to decolonise their curriculum – and why all private schools should follow, (David Goodhew, Latymer Upper School, Uppingham School, Godolphin & Latymer School, Emanuel School, St Paul’s School, Francis Holland School, James Allen’s Girls’ School, Westminster School), 16.06.2020

Schools Week, Primaries can use spare space in local secondaries to get more pupils back, but no village halls, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.06.2020

The Times, Boarding schools are still thriving under coronavirus, Rugby insists, (Peter Green, Rugby School, Radley College, Shrewsbury School), 16.06.2020

The Times, Teachers are marking GCSEs and A levels ‘too generously’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.06.2020

The Telegraph, Marcus Rashford fights on after Boris Johnson rejects plea for U-turn over holiday school meal vouchers, 16.06.2020 Also in The Times

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: parents rush to private schools, (The Glasgow Academy, Glenalmond College, Gordonstoun), 16.06.2020

The Telegraph, Sturgeon in U-turn over schools reopening after revolt from parents, (John Edward, SCIS; Fettes College), 15.06.2020

The Telegraph, Pupils to be invited back to school before summer break– but just for one day, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.06.2020

ITV News, Schools will struggle to host exams in autumn, heads warn, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 15.06.2020

Schools Week, Pressure mounts on ministers as study shows fifth of pupils do no schoolwork at home, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.06.2020

The Sunday Times, Former pupils reveal racist jibes at Britain’s top private schools, (City of London School; Felicia Kirk, St Mary’s Calne, James Allen’s Girls’ School, Westminster School, Eton, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Winchester College), 14.06.2020

The Guardian, Top public school accused of 'toxic culture of racism' among pupils, (Patrick Derham, Westminster School), 14.06.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

The Guardian, School leaders in England warn over ongoing coronavirus disruption, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 14.06.2020

Evening Standard, Bristol private school named after slave trader Edward Colston considering change, (Colston’s School), 14.06.2020

The Times, Camps for pupils aim to give parents a summer break, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.06.2020

The Guardian, Prime minister is risking basic right to an education, says children’s tsar, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.06.2020

iNews, Private schools with spacious sites urged to share space with cramped state schools, (Stamford Endowed Schools), 12.06.2020

Evening Standard, Alumni of top London private schools call on bosses to ‘teach about white privilege’ and ‘decolonise the canon’, (Gary Savage, Alleyn's School; Emma McKendrick, Downe House School, Harrow School, Westminster School, University College School, St Paul’s Girls' School, Eton College, Cheltenham Ladies College, Winchester College), 12.06.2020

The Telegraph, Letters: Schools could have more pupils back if the Government let them decide, (Mark Waldron, Ryde School), 12.06.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Over 1 in 10 secondary schools set to defy government’s June 15 reopening plan, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 12.06.2020

TES, State and private schools in 'movement' to scrap GCSEs, (Sarah Fletcher, St Paul's Girls' School; Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School, Latymer Upper School, Eton College), 11.06.2020

The Times, Letters to the Editor: Need for schooling, (Richard Cairns, Brighton College), 11.06.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus outbreaks in schools remain static in first week of reopening, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 11.06.2020

The Sun, Ex-pupils of Edward Colston school blast headteacher for ‘defending’ it being named after slave trader, (Jeremy McCullough, Colston’s School), 11.06.2020

The Telegraph, 'If I could open tomorrow for them, I would'. A tale of two headteachers – private vs state, (Jane Lunnon, Wimbledon High School), 11.06.2020

TES, Secondary school rotas 'likely' in September, say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.06.2020

Bolton News, Black Lives Matter: Calls to widen curriculum at Bolton School to 'tackle casual and systemic racism”, (Philip Britton, Bolton School), 10.06.2020

The Telegraph, When will secondary schools reopen, and is it safe to send my child back to primary school?, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 10.06.2020

Bolton News, Black Lives Matter: Calls to widen curriculum at Bolton School to 'tackle casual and systemic racism”, (Philip Britton, Bolton School), 10.06.2020

Leicestershire Live, Loughborough Grammar School racist bullying accusations being investigated by police, (Loughborough Grammar School), 10.06.2020

Birmingham Live, King Edward VI grammar students calling for Black History in new curriculum to help tackle racism issues, 09.06.2020

The Telegraph, The private schools getting top marks in lockdown, (Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School; Jay Piggot, Epsom College, Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC, Eton College, Reigate Grammar School), 09.06.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Plan to open primary schools for all year groups is dropped, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.06.2020

The Times, Carers of disabled children face lockdown hell, (Mike Windsor, Abingdon School), 09.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Schools could remain SHUT beyond September: Government DROPS 'undeliverable' plan to get all children back straight after summer - as 20,000 pupils and staff will be given swab and blood tests to see how Covid spreads in the classroom, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.06.2020

B24/7, Colston’s School ‘To look again’ at name change, 08.06.2020

TES, GCSEs: Open-book exams and reduced content for 2021?, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL, 08.06.2020

iNews, Black Lives Matter: Top private schools urged to ‘decolonise’ their curriculums, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School, Wimbledon; Malvern College), 08.06.2020

The Telegraph, Harrow pushes ahead on China expansion despite pandemic as private schools look to shore up finances, (Harrow School), 08.06.2020

The Times, Infection rate keeps schools in northwest shut, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 08.06.2020

The Sunday Times, When will all schools reopen? GCSEs and A-levels face further disruption as chaos set to stretch into 2021, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon; Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 07.06.2020

The Mirror, GCSE and A-Level students face months of misery among delays over coronavirus, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon), 07.06.2020

The Mirror, Secondary schools might not fully reopen until January - exams could be delayed again, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon), 07.06.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

The Telegraph, Last remaining girls’ boarding school to introduce day pupils as they acknowledge 'family life has evolved', (Samantha Price, Benenden School), 06.06.2020

The Telegraph, Headteachers back calls to make English GCSE syllabus more diverse, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.06.2020

The Telegraph, 30 private schools preparing to close due to Covid-19, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 06.06.2020

The Telegraph, Schools face legal claims from disgruntled students over predicted A-level and GCSE grades, lawyers warn, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 05.06.2020

TES, Cost of fees 'may mean more private school closures', (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 05.06.2020

TES, Revealed: Schools leaving the Teachers' Pension Scheme, (Various HMC schools), 04.06.2020

The Telegraph, Is it safe to send my child back to primary school, and when will secondary schools reopen?, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 04.06.2020

Independent Education Today, Boarding schools introduce new safety measures for returning pupils, (Richard Marshall, Ashville College), 02.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Only a third of children are expected to return to nurseries across England when they reopen from this week - with up to 71% of companies facing possible closure due to loss of demand, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.06.2020

TES, Black pupils warn of n-word abuse in UK private schools, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 02.06.2020

The Daily Mail, Seven members of staff from a single primary school test positive for coronavirus as thousands of pupils return to classrooms today, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.06.2020

The Telegraph, Plans to have every primary pupil back at school by the end of the June is 'under review', Government says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.06.2020

The Telegraph, Plans to have every primary pupil back at school by the end of the June is 'under review', Government says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.06.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Primary schools back but mixed picture on turn-out, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.06.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: 50% oppose back-to-school plans as trust in government slumps, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.06.2020

iNews, Schools reopening: Government looking at summer camps to help children catch-up after lockdown, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.06.2020

The Telegraph, Up to 550,000 children stuck at home as councils across country defy ministers and tell schools not to open, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.06.2020

The Times, A week at Eton (virtually): taking classes at the school’s online portal, (Eton College), 01.06.2020

Independent School Parent Magazine, Open Letter to Independent School Parent Magazine’s Readers, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 01.06.2020

HEPI blog

Halfon right: Ofqual has more to do, (Dennis Sherwood & Rob Cuthbert), 14.07.2020

Other articles of interest

iNews, Teenagers who resist gender stereotypes do better in their GCSEs, according to Cambridge University study, 31.07.2020

The Times, Heads blame cuts as 41 children are expelled each day, 31.07.2020

iNews, Reopening schools in September a ‘priority’ — but other things may have to close for it to happen, hints Chris Whitty, 31.07.2020

The Guardian, Women 'put careers on hold' to home school during UK Covid-19 lockdown, 30.07.2020

TES, Lack of jobs forcing trainees out, warn teachers, 30.07.2020

The Telegraph, A-level results day 2020 checklist: your guide to timings and the changes to expect this year, 30.07.2020

The Telegraph, Our uniform attachment to school wear needs a makeover, 30.07.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Schools given extra week for phased return, 30.07.2002

BBC News, Black pupils face trebled exclusion rate in some areas of England, 30.07.2020

The Herald, Teachers to cover faces in enclosed spaces while pupils could be banned from bringing items into schools, 30.07.2020

iNews, Gap between rich and poor students going to university widest for more than a decade, 30.07.2020

iNews, Coronavirus in Scotland: Secondary pupils to be told to keep their distance when schools return, 30.07.2020

iNews, Coronavirus latest: British boarding schools chartering flights to make sure Chinese pupils arrive next term, 30.07.2020

The Guardian, Trainee teacher applications surge by 65% in England, 30.07.2020

Schools Week, New teacher employment rate drops, but trainee application surge continues, 30.07.2020

The Guardian, 'Tone-deaf' ministers reject BAME review of English curriculum, 30.07.2020

The Guardian, Proportion of black school leavers going to university in England falls, 30.07.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Scottish schools to fully reopen from 11 August, 30.07.2020

The Times, Universities will fill gaps with biggest ever clearing, 30.07.2020

iNews, Mothers most likely to have sacrificed work for home schooling during lockdown, 30.07.2020

The Telegraph, London exodus: how much you could save on property, bills and school fees, 30.07.2020

The Times, Lockdown exposes gaps in support for children’s well-being, 30.07.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon to confirm reopening of Scottish schools, 30.07.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: School plans ‘chaotic’ as councils phase in return, 30.07.2020

TES, SQA exam results day 2020: How to make appeals, 30.07.2020

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The Telegraph, Government's decision to ban parents from withdrawing children from 'relationships education' lessons faces judicial review, 18.07.2020

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TES, Exclusive: IB 'concession' over grade appeals, 14.07.2020

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BBC Radio Scotland's Drivetime programme, John Swinney discussed how independent schools in Scotland are navigating plans to reopen to more pupils, The discussion begins at 20:00. 16.06.2020

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The Daily Mail, Ex pupils of a Bristol school named after 17th century slave trader Edward Colston slam headteacher for 'defending' him in email to parents after his monument was torn down by Black Lives Matter protesters, (Jeremy McCullough, Colston’s School), 10.06.2020

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The Telegraph, Government to row back on pledge to have all primary children back to school before the summer, 08.06.2020

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