News links from 01.09.2020 – 26.10.2020

Press Releases and Statements

HMC responds to the Government’s announcement about the timing of next summer’s exams, (Dr Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 14.10.2020


HMC Conference: Chair Sally-Anne Huang’s Speech, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020

HMC News

Independent Education Today, Many questions remain over next year’s exams, say private school heads, (Vicky Bingham, HMC Additional Vice Chair; Shaun Fenton, Reigate Grammar School), 15.10.2020

TES, GCSEs 2021: Mocks plan warning as exam debate heats up, (Vicky Bingham, HMC Additional Vice Chair, South Hampstead High School), 11.10.2020

The Times, Students may be stoic but they won’t forget, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 06.10.2020

The Telegraph, The education sector is in a rut. Independent schools can help to break the cycle, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 06.10.2020

TES, Private schools: Don't call young people ‘snowflakes', (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020

The Telegraph, It’s time to drop the scathing 'snowflake' label, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020

iNews, Lockdown has turned school children into fake Covid news ‘scam spotters’, (HMC; Emma Robertson, Digital Awareness UK), 05.10.2020

The Times, Stop calling the young snowflakes, urges head of St Paul’s School, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020. Also in The Guardian, TES and The Daily Mail

iNews, Private schools treated like ‘society’s villains’ because of ‘stereotyping and prejudice’, says top headteacher, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020

Metro, Head backs ‘snowflakes’ to weather 2020 storm, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 05.10.2020

The Times, Letters to the Editor: Exam unfairness, (Dr Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 05.10.2020

iNews, One in 14 pupils yet to arrive at British boarding schools as Covid-19 causes problems for international students, (Dr Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 30.09.2020

TES, Cut 2021 GCSEs to 'core content', say independent heads, (Dr Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 25.09.2020

iNews, GCSE and A-level content may need to be halved to make 2021 exams viable, private schools warn, (Dr Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 24.09.2020

The Times, Pupils aren’t up to sitting exams next year, say teachers, (Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 21.09.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

LBC Radio, Peer-reviewed pupil assessments, (Mention of Simon Hyde, HMC General Secretary), 08.05am, 21.09.2020 – No link available

LBC Radio, Discussion on the coalition of private and state schools are expected to launch a campaign to end GCSE's number of schools are looking at alternatives to the exam, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Vice Chair, Guildford High School), 02.05am – 02.11am, 21.09.2020 – No link available

Evening Standard, Delay exams, urges head of London’s biggest academy chain, (Vicky Bingham, Additional Vice Chair, South Hampstead High School), 17.09.2020

TES, Private school teacher training 'boosts state sector', (Ian Power, Former HMC General Secretary), 09.09.2020

Express and Star, Proportion of state school pupils at Cambridge rises after A-level exams fiasco, (HMC Spokesperson) 03.09.2020

The Whitehaven News, Proportion of state school pupils at Cambridge rises after A-level exams fiasco, (HMC spokesperson), 03.09.2020

LBC Radio, Schools re-opening – Tom Swarbrick show, listen on catch up from 2.22.14 minutes into the show - no link available, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Vice Chair, Guildford High School), 01.09.2020

The Times, Private pupils were punished by Ofqual’s exam algorithm too, (Sally-Anne Huang, HMC Chair, St Paul’s School), 01.09.2020

Members’ News

TES, Why schools must focus on wellbeing in this pandemic, (Matthew Pearce, The Glasgow Academy), 26.10.2020

The Telegraph, Ministers accused of showing 'contempt' for schools in row over laptops for self-isolating pupils, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.10.2020

iNews, Nine in 10 teachers believe coronavirus school closures have widened the ‘word gap’ between children, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.10.2020

TES, Exclusive: 2021 GCSE grades could be even more generous, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.10.2020

The Times, Pupils promised ‘generous’ marking in autumn A-level exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 19.10.2020. Also in: The Telegraph, Schools Week, iNews and TES

The Telegraph, 'My child is anxious': parents fury as top private schools pull forward entry exams, (King’s College School, Wimbledon; Whitgift School, Alleyn’s School, Dulwich College, City of London School), 19.10.2020

The Telegraph, The Private School Planner – Week Two, (Samantha Price, Benenden School; Alex Peterken, Charterhouse, Eton College, Harrow School, Winchester College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Wellington School, Rugby School, Berkhamsted School, Forest School, The Stephen Perse Foundation, Bedales School), 19.10.2020

iNews, GCSEs and A-levels: Grade boundaries for 2020 autumn exams to be lowered compared to past years, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.10.2020

iNews, UK public want schools kept open above everything else in second lockdown — but men care about them less, 16.10.2020

TES, Investigation: DfE silent on missing £143m tutor cash, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.10.2020

TES, PM's Covid tiers are 'baffling for schools', say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.10.2020

iNews, GCSEs and A-levels 2021: Teenagers could get multiple choice questions in their exams, Ofqual boss reveals, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.10.2020.  Also in

BBC News, Covid secondary school disruption getting worse in England, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.10.2020

Independent Schools Magazine, Assessing Student performance & potential, (Gus Lock Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School; Shaun Fenton, Reigate Grammar School, Jesse Elzinga, Sevenoaks School), Page 6 and 7, October 2020

The Telegraph, GCSEs and A-levels will be delayed by three weeks, Education Secretary confirms, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 12.10.2020.  Also in The Times, BBC News, Schools Week, The Daily Mail, iNews and Sky News   

TES, GCSEs and A levels 2021: ‘Dismay’ at ‘weak’ DfE plan, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 12.10.2020

The Telegraph, How to raise an alpha kid: the super-rich parent's guide to painting and drawing, (Bryanston School, Bedales School, Downe House School, The King’s School, Canterbury), 12.10.2020

The Telegraph, Dozens of headteachers urge Government to promise they won’t cancel exams in 2021, (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC), 11.10.2020

The Daily Mail, TALK OF THE TOWN: Is this the UK's most luxurious lockdown as pupils at £40k Millfield school has Covid-19 false alarm, (Millfield School), 11.10.2020

The Times, Times letters: Long-term approach to living with Covid-19, (Chris Ramsey, Whitgift School), 10.10.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: City of London School for Girls drafts in alumni to help teachers, (Jenny Brown, City of London School for Girls), 10.10.2020

The Telegraph, Eton parents accuse school of 'spreading virus round country' as pupils sent home to isolate, (Eton College; Uppingham School, Benenden School), 10.10.2020

TES, Queen's Birthday Honours: 'Strictest' head recognised, (Shaun Fenton, Reigate Grammar School), 09.10.2020

TES, Exclusive: 69% of teachers see Covid behaviour slump, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.10.2020

The Times, Letters to the Editor: Memorable Music, (Julia Harrington, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham), 09.10.2020

The Herald, State school pupils less likely to have access to counselling support on site, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.10.2020

The Guardian, Only 150 of 1,000 mentors will be in England's schools before 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 08.10.2020

The Times, Dyslexia can be a blessing, training drive will tell teachers, (Millfield School), 08.10.2020

Independent Education Today, Black History Month celebrated with host of school activities, (Joanna Wright, King Edward’s School Witley; Gavin Horgan, Millfield School, Brentwood School, Queen’s College School Taunton, King’s Rochester, St Paul’s Girls’ School), 06.10.2020

The Telegraph, Letters to the Editor: Abolish GCSEs, (Leo Winkley, Shrewsbury School), 07.10.2020

The Telegraph, Third of schools see increase in children being home educated over Covid fears, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.10.2020

TES, PM wants new 1-1 teaching for the bright and the behind, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.10.2020

TES, Nearly 1 in 5 secondaries not 'fully open', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 06.10.2020

The Independent, 'Time is running out' to plan for next year's GCSE and A-Level exams, unions warn, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 05.10.2020

The Guardian, Gavin Williamson draws teachers' ire with impartiality warning, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 05.10.2020

The Daily Mail, Gavin Williamson vows to correct 'shocking' lack of white working class boys at universities - as he warns teachers against trying to 'indoctrinate pupils' with their own political views, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 05.10.2020

The Daily Mail, Leading private girls' school Cheltenham Ladies' College is giving vegan pupils regular blood tests amid fears the diet could trigger eating disorders, (Cheltenham Ladies’ College; Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC), 05.10.2020. Also in The Times

BBC News, Will next summer's exams be cancelled?, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.10.2020

Financial Times, Schools turn to private sector for Covid-19 tests, (Dean Close School; Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.10.2020

Evening Standard, Schools could be unsafe because so many teachers cannot get tests, say experts, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.10.2020

TES, 'Outstanding' schools to be reinspected from 2021, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.10.2020

iNews, Rule exempting ‘outstanding’ schools from Ofsted inspections to be scrapped — but heads oppose return of inspections, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.10.2020

The Times, Times letters: Vice-chancellors’ call to axe A levels next year, (Richard Russell, Colfe’s School), 01.10.2020

The Telegraph, Time to scrap GCSEs – they serve no good purpose in the 21st century, (Eton College, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Bedales School), 01.10.2020

BBC News, One in six secondaries send pupils home with Covid, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Government should introduce 'Nightingale classes' say teachers as latest figures show one in six state secondary schools couldn't open fully last week due to Covid, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.09.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Nearly one in six secondaries not fully open, DfE data suggests, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.09.2020

TES, 'Timid' DfE 'no longer pulling strings' on education, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.09.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, Inside the private schools bypassing the NHS and building their own elite Covid systems, (Samantha Price, Benenden School; Dr Richard Maloney, Uppingham School), 27.09.2020

The Times, ‘Scrap GCSEs to protect pupils’ mental health’, (Sarah Fletcher, St Paul’s Girls’ School), 26.09.2020

TES, Scrap 'national disgrace' GCSEs, experts urge, (Simon Henderson, Eton College; Sarah Fletcher, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL, Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School), 26.09.2020

The Telegraph, Eton joins call for 'unfair and stressful' GCSEs to be scrapped, (Eton College; Sarah Fletcher, St Paul’s Girls’ School), 26.09.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

The Times, Open letter: Rethinking Assessment: Mutant exam system is failing our children, (Simon Henderson, Eton College; Sarah Fletcher, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL, Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School), 26.09.2020

TES, 'Schools are not able to go on like this indefinitely', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 25.09.2020

Schools Week, Catch-up funding could be nearly ‘wiped out’ by Covid safety costs, warns ASCL, 25.06.2020. Also in iNews

TES, Exclusive: Pupils 'routinely cough on others', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.09.2020

iNews, Free school meal vouchers: Call for ministers to extend scheme to all holidays to stop hunger at October half-term and Christmas, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.09.2020

TES, Exclusive: 93% of GCSE teachers say students ‘behind’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.09.2020

The Telegraph, Private school offers 'safari-style' tours through 300 acre grounds, (Glenalmond College), 23.09.2020

Attain Magazine, Lessons in perseverance, (Charles Fillingham, Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park), September 2020

BBC News, Quadrupling in schools sending pupils home in Covid cases, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.09.2020

Schools Week, Proportion of schools not fully open due to Covid quadruples in a week, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.09.2020

TES, Ofsted inspections schedule 'shaky' amid Covid surge, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.09.2020

TES, Around 1,000 schools not fully open last week, says DfE, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.09.2020

Politics Home, Independent schools can play a part in tackling regional inequality in education, 22.09.2020

School House, GROWING TOGETHER, (Dr Alex Peterken, Charterhouse), 22.09.2020

Schools Week, Heads’ anxiety peaked before lockdown and school reopenings, finds UCL study, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.09.2020

TES, Lockdown teacher training applications leap by a third, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.09.2020

The Telegraph, I'm not afraid to ask pupils to fight fire (literally). Truculent teens benefit from learning service, (Gordonstoun School), 21.09.2020

The Telegraph, Majority of teachers think students will underperform in next year's exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.09.2020

The Guardian, A £35,000 in-school Covid testing machine? Only in the private sector, (Samantha Price, Benenden School; Eton College), 20.09.2020. Also in LBC News and TES

The Guardian, Private and state schools bid to kill off GCSEs, (Eton College; Bedales School, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Latymer Upper School, Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.09.2020

The Sunday Times, E-learning: how teachers and pupils can thrive, (Michael Carslaw, St Leonards School; David Starbuck, Albyn School, Loretto School, Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools, Merchiston Castle School), 20.09.2020

The Sunday Times, Stress and lockdown — how schools are helping pupils look after their wellbeing, (St Leonard’s School; St Columba’s School, Merchiston Castle School, David Starbuck, Albyn School), 20.09.2020

The Sunday Times, Black Lives Matter in Scotland: school pupils reach out for racial equality, (Strathallan School, Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools, St Columba’s School, Dollar Academy), 20.09.2020

The Sunday Times, Independent schools’ loss of tax relief could mean cutbacks to charitable activities, (Mark Lauder, Strathallan School; Ian Muro, Dollar Academy, Merchiston Castle School), 20.09.2020

The Telegraph, Letters to the Editor: Schools testing fiasco, (Will Phelan, The Stamford Endowed Schools), 19.09.2020

Evening Standard, Keeping schools open 'unsustainable unless Government fixes coronavirus testing crisis', ministers warned, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.09.2020

The Mirror, Schools 'could go part-time' amid testing chaos and claims 740 hit by coronavirus, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL) 17.09.2020

The Times, Covid testing crisis: ‘Schools are closing and hospitals are buckling’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.09.2020

The Times, No coronavirus tests for classmates if one child gets Covid-19, says Gavin Williamson, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

Independent Education Today, School fees should not be a barrier to independent education, says Brentwood School, Michael Bond, Brentwood School, 16.09.2020

The Telegraph, Headteachers warn Boris Johnson over lack of access to coronavirus tests, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Telegraph, Swathes of public to be refused coronavirus tests under rationing plans, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Telegraph, Exclusive: Schools draw up plans to go part-time if testing chaos continues, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

BBC News, Williamson defends use of calculated exam grades, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: 'Booking a test is like getting Harry Potter tickets', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Guardian, Up to 25,000 teachers in England self-isolating due to Covid fears, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Guardian, Lack of Covid tests puts schools in 'impossible situation', teachers warn PM, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

Evening Standard, Keeping schools open 'unsustainable unless Government fixes coronavirus testing crisis', ministers warned, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Heads scramble to block teachers from jetting off on overseas holidays in half-term and putting schools at risk of closure - as it's revealed one million pupils missed classes since they restarted, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Times, Times letters: Schools’ need for fast-track virus testing, (Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School), 16.09.2020

TES, You have put schools in ‘impossible’ position, PM told, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

Attain, Trampoline parenting, (Rebecca Glover, Surbiton High School), September 2020

The Telegraph, Letters to the Editor: School testing chaos, (Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School), 16.09.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: One in nine pupils absent from school as lack of testing drives fears of ‘lockdown by default’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Is YOUR school affected by a coronavirus outbreak? The 300 schools in England and Wales forced to close or send pupils home after positive Covid tests, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.09.2020

Schools Week, Ofqual accused of ‘scapegoating’ heads’ union over deflated grades fall-out, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.09.2020

Schools Week, Schools wait THREE DAYS for official PHE advice on how to respond to coronavirus cases, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.09.2020

iNews, Top private boarding school Bedales gives pupils extra hour in bed to improve teens’ academic work and mental health, (Bedales School), 15.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Is YOUR school affected by a coronavirus outbreak? The 300 schools in England and Wales forced to close or send pupils home after positive Covid tests, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.09.2020

ITV News, Schools experiencing delays in accessing Covid-19 tests, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.09.2020

The Telegraph, Dozens of schools have either closed or sent whole year groups home after just one positive test, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 14.09.2020

TES, GCSEs 2021: Ofqual admits to ‘issues’ with online exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 14.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Disruption to schooling could worsen in winter due to Covid-19, says union, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 14.09.2020

The Daily Mail, At least a dozen schools have sent home hundreds of pupils in the last week after just one pupil tested positive for Covid, (City of London School for Girls), 13.09.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: The story of the big U-turn of the summer, (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC; Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 13.09.2020

The Daily Mail, GCSE pupils are told they WILL have to study poetry after all – as furious teachers accuse Britain’s largest exam board of giving in to ‘demands of some celebrity poets’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 11.09.2020

The Telegraph, Eton College faces coronavirus outbreak after 'a few' students test positive for Covid-19, (Eton College), 11.09.2020. Also in The Daily Mail

TES, GCSEs 2021 changes are 'hugely frustrating', say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 11.09.2020

Schools Week, Revealed: Ofqual warned of algorithm legal risk, 10.09.2020

The Telegraph, Plans to get children back to the classroom are being 'derailed' by lack of tests, headteachers warn, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

The Times, Gridlock as glitch sends people hundreds of miles for virus test, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

Metro, Whole school closes after children show coronavirus symptoms, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

TES, Fury as Covid tests chaos keeps thousands out of school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

The Daily Mail, More than 200 schools and colleges have had problems getting access to Covid-19 tests for staff and pupils, headteachers' union says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

The Daily Mail, Hundreds of schools and colleges have problems accessing Covid-19 tests – union, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.09.2020

The Telegraph, America's 'Covid evacuees' flock to Scottish boarding schools, (Lisa Kerr, Gordonstoun, Strathallan School, Fettes College), 09.09.2020

TES, Success of language teacher SCITT must now 'go viral', (Dr Joe Spence, Dulwich College), 09.09.2020

TES, DfE and Ofqual 'blaming each other' for grading crisis, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 07.09.2020

The Evening Standard, Five schools shut down and hundreds of pupils self-isolating after coronavirus outbreaks, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 08.09.2020

The Daily Mail, School's out... again! Dozens of headteachers send pupils home amid Covid-19 outbreaks at schools across the UK, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL),07.09.2020

TES, Exclusive: Stop Ofsted for a year or more, say teachers, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 04.09.2020

TES, 'New schools needed to avoid 77,000 places shortfall', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 04.09.2020

TES, Mission to begin life teaching abroad, (Kellett School, Hong Kong), 03.09.2020

Schools Week, Ofqual: ‘Wrong to assume’ students with deflated grades have been ‘disadvantaged’, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.09.2020

The Spectator, Will schools have learnt the lessons of lockdown?, (Hampton School, Eton College), 03.09.2020

TES, Ofqual suggests online tests for GCSEs and A levels, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.09.2020

TES, Overseas boarders pick 'safe' UK over USA, (Barnaby Lenon, Chair of ISC), 02.09.2020

The Times, Heads put Williamson to test on delays for next year’s exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 02.09.2020

iNews, Schools reopening: Children head back to school, with questions remaining about safety and local lockdowns, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.09.2020

Tatler, Tatler’s Education Editor on what the return to boarding school will really be like post-Covid, (Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School; Harrow School, Millfield School, Wellington College, Eton College, Marlborough College), 01.09.2020

The Telegraph, Are face masks compulsory when schools reopen?, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.09.2020

The Times, Times letters: schools need clarity over next year’s exams, (Samantha Price, Benenden School), 01.09.2020

TES, Exclusive: 64% of teachers worry about return to school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.09.2020

The Daily Mail, 'I'm SCARED and so are the students': New teacher on his first day tells of fear at 'no PPE' in school where 'social-distancing is impossible' as millions of pupils in England and Wales return to classes today, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.09.2020


Dennis Sherwood: The broken school exam system needs an upgrade, 10.10.2020

Other articles of interest

TES, Covid: 41% pupils still not getting ‘full schooling’, 26.10.2020

Metro, Tier 4 lockdown ‘could see closure of schools’ if infections don’t drop, 26.10.2020

The Times, Boris Johnson offers support but no U-turn over school meals row, 26.10.2020

The Times, Britain should be the first country to introduce higher education for all, 26.10.2020

The Telegraph, Only six in ten pupils are getting full education despite schools reopening, report finds, 26.10.2020

The Times, BAME an irrelevant term, says Tony Sewell, 26.10.2020

The Telegraph, Boris Johnson faces Tory revolt over free school meals, 26.10.2020

The Times, King’s College Online — the private school that costs £6,000 a year, 26.10.2020

The Times, More cash for poorest as PM seeks end to school meals row, 26.10.2020

The Sunday Times, Schools’ sibling priority rule to stay but ‘children must be treated equally’, says archdiocese, 25.10.2020

iNews, Tories have ‘misunderstood’ mood of nation on free school meals and the PM should think again, warns key ally, 25.10.2020

The Guardian, The Observer view on the Commons vote to let poor children go hungry, 25.10.2020

The Guardian, No 10 under growing pressure to U-turn over free school meals, 25.10.2020

TES, Experts call for pupils to wear masks in classrooms, 25.10.2020

TES, How cold can your classroom get - legally?, 25.10.2020

TES, GCSEs: Why we should hold a second exam series in July, 25.10.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, School could face legal action after pupil is excluded for failing to wear face mask, 25.10.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, Subsidise places at independent schools to give more children a chance to flourish, 25.10.2020

BBC News, School meals: Cabinet minister defends refusal to extend holiday scheme, 25.10.2020

BBC News, Covid-19: Schools may need to close to some year groups, scientist warns, 25.10.2020

BBC News, School meals: Pressure mounts on government to reverse decision, 25.10.2020

BBC News, Covid: Laptop allocation for deprived pupils cut at some schools, 25.10.2020. Also in Schools Week, TES, The Independent

TES, Schools may have to partially close, says top scientist, 25.10.2020

The Independent, UK doctors demand free meals for kids as COVID fuels hunger, 25.10.2020

iNews, Headteachers in disbelief as Government ‘slashes’ laptops for poor pupils on eve of half-term, 24.10.2020

The Telegraph, Free school meals row sees Red Wall MPs report torrent of abuse, amid calls for Boris Johnson to ‘sit down’ with Marcus Rashford, 24.10.2020

TES, How is Covid-19 affecting pupils with eating disorders?, 24.10.2020

The Guardian, Penguin launches project to boost diversity in GCSE reading lists, 24.10.2020

The Times, Tory councils turn against PM in battle for free school meals, 24.10.2020

The Times, Denying kids a hot meal is a hollow victory, 24.10.2020

BBC News, School meals: Councils promise help after Rashford campaign, 24.10.2020

BBC News, Marcus Rashford: Communities back school meals campaign, 24.10.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Reopening schools causes R transmission rate to surge, study suggests, 24.10.2020

The Daily Mail, Schools may have to close to older pupils to curb Covid spread, warns scientist, 24.10.2020

The Times, Pupils should mix arts and science, says woman leading Russell Group, 24.10.2020

The Telegraph, Teacher union calls for schools to move to rota system with children taught virtually half of the time, 23.10.2020

The Telegraph, School children are being denied access to water and toilets, ministers told, 23.10.2020

iNews, Free school meals: Councils and businesses step up after Government refuses to extend support to holidays, 23.10.2020

The Telegraph, Cafes, pubs and restaurants defy Downing Street to offer free meals to children over half-term, 23.10.2020

TES, Podcast: Ofqual, 2021 exams and how schools are coping, 23.10.2020

TES, How Ofqual decided to keep quiet on grading algorithm, 23.10.2020

TES, Use rotas to halt 'alarming' Covid rise, say teachers, 23.10.2020

The Daily Mail, Half of pupils missed out on HPV vaccine while schools were closed during coronavirus lockdown, figures reveal, 23.10.2020

The Times, Degree gap likely to preserve white advantage for decades, 23.10.2020

The Evening Standard, Coronavirus pandemic could create 'educational underclass' in London, Teach First co-founder warns, 23.10.2020

Schools Week, DfE consults on scrapping quals competing with A-Levels by 2023, 23.10.2020

The Times, Scottish pupils among the world’s most empathetic, 23.10.2020

The Independent, ‘Morally correct’: Schools give families on free school meals money for half term food, 22.10.2020

TES, Covid sparks remote learning 'upsurge' in ITT courses, 22.10.2020

TES, Ofqual knew GCSE and A-level results were 'unreliable', 22.10.2020

TES, Grading fiasco: How DfE bounced Ofqual into mocks plan, 22.10.2020

TES, Revealed: How the summer exams grading fiasco unfolded, 22.10.2020

The Telegraph, Everything you need to know about the new tutoring scheme, 22.10.2020

The Herald, Scottish pupils ranked fourth in global issues study involving 27 nations, 22.10.2020

The Guardian, Ofqual board minutes reveal tensions with DfE ahead of exam results fiasco, 22.10.2020

TES, Schools linked to ‘large’ increase in Covid R number, 22.10.2020

The Daily Mail, Combination of measures `shows greatest effect reducing Covid-19 transmission´, 22.10.2020

ITV News, 'Millions' of Covid tests giving results in minutes to be rolled out to schools and universities, Matt Hancock says, 22.10.2020

The Daily Mail, One in six children has a mental health problem and cases have rocketed by 50% during coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, new report shows, 22.10.2020

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