News links from 21.03.2020 to 30.04.2020

Press Releases and Statements

ISC responds to Competition and Markets Authority letter on fees, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 29.04.2020

HMC Chair Fiona Boulton responds to Ofqual guidance, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Chair, Guildford High School), 03.04.2020  

Schools thanked for helping to protect NHS staff, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Chair, Guildford High School), 03.04.2020

Richard Backhouse named HMC chair, (Richard Backhouse, Berkhamsted Schools Group), 31.03.2020

HMC News

TES, Covid-19: Private schools warned over fees 'collusion', (HMC, Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 29.04.2020.  Also in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Schools Week

The Telegraph, Private schools accused of exploiting loophole by setting new mock exams to boost predicted grades, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Chair, HMC), 16.04.2020

TES, Elite private school group HMC takes on new chair, (Richard Backhouse, Berkhamsted Schools Group), 01.04.2020 

HMC Blog

HMC schools in action: Supporting the NHS and local charities, (Kingston Grammar School, Kent College Pembury, Hampton School, Lady Eleanor Holles School), 30.04.2020

Let’s not just follow the scientists out of the coronavirus crisis, (Chris Ramsey, Whitgift School), 28.04.2020

Managing Uncertainty: Looking for Opportunities, (Duncan Byrne, Loughborough Grammar School), 16.04.2020

HMC schools in action: supporting the NHS and local communities, (Various HMC schools) 08.04.2020

HMC schools in action: supporting their local communities and beyond, (Various HMC schools), 02.04.2020

Members’ News

The Times, Times letters: Cutting school summer holiday to four weeks, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon), 30.04.2020

LBC Radio, Is it too soon to bring schools back? Andrew Halls tells Nick Ferrari on LBC that schools will need time before they reopen to plan social distancing and PPE, (Andrew Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon), 30.04.2020 – The discussion starts at 01:05:00 and his interview begins at 01:08:27

The Times, Child coronavirus infection rate deals blow to hopes of schools opening, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 30.04.2020

The Independent, Video lessons, virtual choirs and fridge deliveries: How hero teachers have gone above and beyond during coronavirus crisis, (Steffan Griffiths, Norwich School), 29.04.2020 – Premium access required to access content

TES, Exclusive: 'Adjust 2021 GCSEs and A levels,' say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.04.2020

BBC One Show, Ross Kemp discussion on face shields initiative at Leighton Park School, (Leighton Park School), 29.04.2020

BBC News, Schools will reopen in phases, says Williamson, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.04.2020. Also in The Independent

Financial Times, UK plans phased return when schools reopen, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.04.2020

Independent Education Today, Talking heads: how have you maintained a strong brand for your international school?, (George Budd, Moreton Hall), 29.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus home schooling: Life virtually the same for some pupils in new divide, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 29.04.2020

TES, Support for vulnerable children 'must be scrutinised', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.04.2020

TES, Captain Tom's old school opens 135,000 birthday cards, (James Hodgson, Bedford School), 28.04.2020.

TES, Captain Tom's old school opens 135,000 birthday cards, (James Hodgson, Bedford School), 28.04.2020. Also in the Evening Standard, iNews and The Mirror

Independent School Sport, Opening school sports facilities to the community, (Norwich School, St Albans School, Dulwich College, Abingdon School, Latymer Upper School, King’s Ely), 27.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Parents and children left to struggle after councils ban online teaching, (The Glasgow Academy, Fettes College, Gordonstoun), 27.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: homeschooling five children with video lessons, (Gordonstoun), 27.04.2020

Sky News, Describing the work his school and its local community is doing to produce and deliver personal protective equipment to frontline NHS workers, (Rick Clarke, Frensham Heights), 26.04.2020

TES, Edinburgh schools help deliver thousands of free meals, (Fettes College), 24.04.2020

The Telegraph, New Government helpline for 'frazzled' and 'frantic' parents trying to homeschool their children, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.04.2020

TES, Heads reassured there will be ‘no rush’ back to school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.04.2020

The Times, Sir Eric Anderson obituary, (Eton College, Fettes College, George Watson’s College, Gordsonstoun), 23.04.2020

The Daily Mail, The master of secrets: He taught three future Prime Ministers and the heir to the throne, and was a confidant of the Queen Mother - but, writes RICHARD KAY, former Eton Head Master Eric Anderson, who has died at 83, never betrayed their confidences, (Eton College), 23.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Heads say 1 June earliest realistic school opening, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.04.2020

Evening Standard, Captain Tom Moore given Pride of Britain award as he urges fans to donate 'lovely' gifts to care homes, (James Hodgson, Bedford School), 23.04.2020

The Telegraph, Should you swap schools at sixth form? A pro and con guide, (Alex Peterken, Charterhouse School; Duncan Byrne, Loughborough Grammar School), 23.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Universities to lose out as students plan to defer, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.04.2020

Metro, Sorting office set up for Captain Tom Moore’s 90,000 birthday cards, (James Hodgson, Bedford School), 22.04.2020. Also in the Daily Mail

BBC News, Captain Tom Moore's birthday cards opened by volunteers (Bedford School), 22.04.2020

The Daily Mail, Pupils who disagree with teachers' predicted A-level and GCSE grades now WON'T be able to sit exams in the autumn despite regulator's pledge, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.04.2020

TES, Remote learning 'rivals traditional teaching', (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.04.2020

The Guardian, Older pupils ‘should be first’ when England’s schools reopen, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, Impact of lockdown on education system is far greater than ministers anticipated, new figures show, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.04.2020

iNews, Coronavirus in the UK: Warning that many teachers ‘too anxious’ to return to school, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.04.20202

The Telegraph, Two thirds of children have not taken part in online lessons during lockdown, study finds, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus lockdown: Laptops offered for online school lessons at home, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 19.04.2020

The Telegraph, Parents and schools urged to supervise children on Zoom amid fears over child sex abuse risk, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 18.04.2020

iNews, Coronavirus lockdown: From the demise of GCSEs to technology and AI, how the crisis has changed education, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL; Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales School), 18.04.2020

TES, Schools must start thinking about how to reopen, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 17.04.2020

The Daily Mail, A-level and GCSE pupils WILL get their results on the same days as expected in August, confirms government - after exams were cancelled and teachers provided predicted grades, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: DfE confirms August results days, abandoning ‘end of July’ deadline, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 16.04.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers demand PPE as they say they should not be 'guinea pigs' for lock down exit strategy, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 15.04.2020

ITV News, School steps up production of face shields for NHS, (Norwich School), 15.04.2020

Independent Schools Magazine, Embracing Online Education, (Felsted School, Wellington School), April 2020 Edition

The Telegraph, The private schools working to narrow the underprivileged attainment gap this spring, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC; Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School, Eton College, Benenden School, Abingdon School, Oundle School), 14.04.2020 

Independent Education Today, Free neuroscience course for teachers open for nominations, (Julia Harrington, Queen Anne’s School Caversham), 14.04.2020 

The Mirror, Coronavirus: School leads production of almost 1,000 visors a day to protect NHS staff, (Leighton Park School), 12.04.2020 

The Sunday Times, UK lockdown: schools shut because of coronavirus could reopen by June 1, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 12.04.2020

The Times, If you want boys to love languages, stop force-feeding them French, says head, (Helen Pike, Magdalen College School), 11.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Reopen schools before summer if possible, say leadership unions, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 10.04.2020

The Times, Head warns of private school closures, (Stephen Lehec, Kingston Grammar School), 10.04.2020

The Herald, Coronavirus in Scotland: Glasgow venue aims to raise £50k to help local schools make PPE, (Kelvinside Academy), 10.04.2020 

iNews, Coronavirus in the UK: Vulnerable children missing out on free school meals because of IT glitch, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.04.2020 

The Telegraph, The three reasons you'll still be paying summer term fees at your private school, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC; Mark Mortimer, Bryanston School, Suzie Longstaff, Putney High School, Eton College), 09.04.2020 

TES, Coronavirus: GCSE grades will be fair, say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 08.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: City Hospital staff to use Methodist College facilities, (Scott Naismith, Methodist College, Belfast), 09.04.2020

The Daily Mail, Schools will NOT reopen this month despite report cabinet has been considering plans to allow teaching to resume, Downing Street says, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 09.04.2020

Independent Education, Talking heads: what’s your best headteacher hack?, (Chris Seal, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok), 08.04.2020 

Evening Standard, Heads overhaul homeschool timetables to give pupils breaks during coronavirus lockdown, (Lucy Elphinstone, Francis Holland School, Sloane Sqaure), 08.04.2020

Evening Standard, Meet the inspiring teachers making protective equipment for NHS staff, (Uppingham School), 07.04.2020 

Independent Education, Which independent schools are making PPE for the NHS? (Various HMC schools mentioned), 07.04.2020 

Independent Education Today, Independent sector responds to Ofqual grade plan, (Fiona Boulton, HMC Chair, Guildford High School), 07.04.2020  

The Telegraph, Fewer than half of students think their predicted grade will accurately reflect their ability, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 07.04.2020  

Financial Times, UK private schools feel pandemic squeeze, (Samantha Price, Benenden School; Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 07.04.2020  

The Times, Pupils can draw on the power of doodles to aid memory, (Queen Anne’s School Caversham), 04.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Teachers warned against live-streaming lessons, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 04.04.2020

The Telegraph, Students appealing against A-level grades may have no choice but to take gap year, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Most A-level students won't sit 2020 exams, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: GCSE analysis gives ‘confidence’ to teacher assessment plan, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Grades plan imperfect but fair say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 03.04.2020

The Telegraph, Meet the teacher and pupils making 200 coronavirus masks a day for NHS staff, (Tonbridge School), 03.04.2020 

TES, Exclusive: Hundreds private schools 'bust by Christmas', (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 03.04.2020 

Independent Education, Cancellation of exams could prompt debate, says Gresham’s head, (Douglas Robb, Gresham’s School), 03.04.2020 

BBC News, Coronavirus: Norwich School teachers use design stock to make PPE, (Steffan Griffiths, Norwich School), 02.04.2020 

TES, Coronavirus: Schools make PPE for NHS staff, (Monkton Combe School, Oundle School), 02.04.2020

The Daily Mail, Teachers make more than 100 visors in school art and design workshop to protect NHS frontline medics during coronavirus crisis, (Steffan Griffiths, Norwich School), 02.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: School bagpipers to celebrate key workers, (Glenalmond College, Strathallan School, and St Columba's School), 02.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Heads demand ‘urgent’ clarification on exam fee rebates, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: 'Refund our exam fees,' say heads, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 01.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Private schools 'wrestling' with fee cuts, (Andrew, Halls, King’s College School Wimbledon, Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC; Eton College, Marlborough College)

The Guardian, Private schools in UK struggling as coronavirus costs bite, (Eton College), 01.04.2020

Independent Education Today, The perfect storm?, (Chris Seal, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok), 01.04.2020 

Independent Education Today, Coronavirus: Stamford D&T teachers producing 200 face masks a day for NHS, (Will Phelan, Stamford Endowed Schools), 01.04.2020 

The Telegraph, Bursaries guide: how to find the best financial assistance at private schools, (Westminster School; Wellington College, Christ’s Hospital, Rugby School, Godolphin and Latymer School, Millfield School), 31.03.2020 

The Guardian, Councillor's 'oven-ready' scheme to force private schools to pay their bit, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 31.03.2020 

TES, Neuroscience course to fill 'gap' in teacher training, (Julia Harrington, Queen Anne’s School Caversham), 31.03.2020 

The Telegraph, Can I get a refund on private school fees during coronavirus? Who qualifies and how do you apply, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 31.03.2020

The Daily Mail, £42k-a-year Eton College offers FREE online study courses to UK teenagers during coronavirus lockdown and makes empty boarding houses available for key workers, (Simon Henderson, Eton College; The Perse School), 30.03.2020 

The Herald, Coronavirus in Scotland: Top Edinburgh school offers free parking for NHS staff, (Fettes College), 30.03.2020 

The Guardian, Concern for A-level students over cap on university admissions, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 30.03.2020 

The Evening Standard, Eton offers free online courses for UK teenagers during coronavirus lockdown, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 30.03.2020

iNews, Coronavirus in the UK: Eton College offers UK state schools free access to its online courses, (Eton College), 30.03.2020

The Telegraph, Can I get a refund on private school fees during coronavirus? Who qualifies and how do you apply?, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 30.03.2020

The Sunday Times, Eton and King’s cut fees as sop to parents, (Eton College; Marlborough College, King's College School Wimbledon, Richard Cairns, Brighton College), 29.03.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Eton offers free courses to state pupils, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 29.03.2020

The Daily Mail, Eton cuts its £42,500-a-year fees for boarding pupils after parents complain that top private schools are still charging for accommodation despite children being sent home, (Eton College, Marlborough College, King's College School Wimbledon), 29.03.2020

The Telegraph, Private school parents demand fee refunds over fears institutions could go bankrupt, (Eton College, Uppingham School), 28.03.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Assemblies online, mentors and hymns as teachers get learning, (Lucy Elphinstone, Francis Holland School, Sloane Square; Charles Fillingham, Francis Holland School, Regent's Park), 28.03.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Outdated IT systems pushed to the limit by large-scale remote working, say schools, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 28.03.2020

Financial Times, How to get refunds for school fees, season tickets and much more, (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 26.03.2020

HuffPost, These Schools Are Making Vital Protective Equipment For Hospitals As Coronavirus Pressure Builds, , (Sevenoaks School, Taunton School, King's College), 26.03.2020

TES, Covid-19: 'The independent sector stands ready to help', (Julie Robinson, CEO at ISC), 25.03.2020

The Telegraph, From Crystal-Maze-style codes to circus skills: welcome to the wacky world of 11+ school assessments, (Chris Stevens, Bradfield College), 25.03.2020

The Telegraph, ‘Boys who might not step up for leadership roles in the presence of girls will do so at a boy’s school’, (Harrow School), 24.03.2020

The Telegraph, Are single-sex schools finished? (Tom Lawson, Eastbourne College; Benenden School, City of London School for Girls, Eton College, St Paul’s School, Winchester College, Christ’s Hospital, John Lyon School), 24.03.2020

The Telegraph, ‘At her girls’ school, my daughter had plenty of space to find her voice and lead’, (Jenny Brown, City of London School for Girls), 24.03.2020

The Times, Prove you’re key workers, schools will tell parents, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 24.03.2020

BBC News, Jaideep Barot (Headmaster at Bristol Grammar School) on the BBC News channel (23rd March 2020) discussing school closures, key workers, remote learning and exams in relation to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on schools

BBC News, Coronavirus: Parents heed calls not to send children to school, 23.03.2020

The Times, Teachers urge families not to ignore coronavirus classroom ban, (Andrew Halls, King's College School, Wimbledon), 23.03.2020

The Daily Mail, Nearly every UK school remains open but with only a fifth of pupils: Parents heed calls to keep children at home in battle against spread of coronavirus, reveals survey of 3,500 headteachers, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.03.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Parents listen to pleas to keep children at home but heads warn schools are running low on supplies, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 23.03.2020

The Telegraph, Tutors are becoming more popular. Here’s how you know it’s time to get one for your child, (Victoria Bingham, South Hampstead High School; Alexandra Wilson, Hull Collegiate School, Adam Pettitt, Highgate School), 23.03.2020

The Sunday Times, Where to find online lessons when home schooling starts on Monday , (Andrew Halls, King's College School, Wimbledon), 22.03.2020

The Telegraph, Parents are threatening schools with legal action for refusing to allow their child a place amid 'key workers' row, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 22.03.2020

The Times, Letters to the Editor: Cancelled Exams, (Richard Cairns, Brighton College), 21.03.2020

BBC Sounds, Up all night’ show – Discusses how teachers and pupils are preparing for the switch to online learning, (Jaideep Barot, Bristol Grammar School), 21.03.2020

The Daily Mail, Who is a key worker? Do both parents need to be? Schools and families face confusing battle over who qualifies to keep their children in lessons with 1.7m pupils tipped to turn up at school gates on Monday, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 21.03.2020

The Times, Coronavirus update: Eton College to take key workers’ children, (Simon Henderson, Eton College), 21.03.2020

The Telegraph, Schools say they will be 'overwhelmed' if faced with caring for all children of key workers, (Geoff Barton, General Secretary at ASCL), 20.03.2020   

The Telegraph, GCSE and A-Level exams cancelled: How will UK grades be calculated?, 20.03.2020

Other articles of interest

ITV News, Jersey schools to remain closed until June at the earliest, 30.04.2020

TES, A third of teachers have Covid-19 mental health fears, 30.04.2020

The Times, Vulnerable children will be put at risk by changes to councils’ duties, 30.04.2020

The Times, Exams loophole leaves home‑schooled children in limbo, 29.04.2020

TES, 'Adjust GCSE school rankings to stop inequality', 29.04.2020

TES, Williamson: 'Shortened' GCSEs in autumn a possibility, 29.04.2020

The Scotsman, When will schools in Scotland reopen? School pupils returning on same day is 'inconceivable' says John Swinney, 29.04.2020

TES, GCSE resits: Two-thirds still do not pass by 19, 29.04.2020

The Guardian, Schools must only reopen when safe, says Rebecca Long-Bailey, 29.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Call for £700 catch-up premium for poorer pupils, 29.04.2020

TES, Disadvantaged pupils face six-month 'learning loss', 29.04.2020

The Times, France and Spain reveal plans to relax lockdown, 29.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus Scotland: Scrap next year’s exams too, urge teaching unions, 29.04.2020.  Also in BBC News

The Telegraph, Private schools may not need to stagger classes as much as state schools because 'they have more space', 29.04.2020.  Also in the Daily Mail

TES, Schools face Legionnaires' risk if no opening notice, 29.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Social distancing in schools ‘very difficult’, says government medical adviser, 29.04.2020

The Telegraph, How to choose the right university when lockdown prevents you from visiting, 29.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Majority of free laptops won’t be delivered until June, 29.04.2020

TES, Welsh minister: 5 key principles for reopening schools, 28.04.2020

TES, ‘Inconceivable’ all pupils will return at same time, 28.04.2020

The Telegraph, John Swinney blames virus for delaying education review until after Holyrood election, 28.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: Oak National Academy delivers 2m lessons in first week, 28.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: School attendance doubles after Easter holidays, 28.04.2020

The Telegraph, Schools in Wales will reopen after lockdown in a 'phased' way, ministers reveal, 28.04.2020

The Guardian, Digital divide 'isolates and endangers' millions of UK's poorest, 28.04.2020

BBC News, Former school inspector rates own home schooling 'atrocious', 28.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: 'Phased' school reopening when lockdown lifts, 28.04.2020

The Telegraph, Letters to the Editor: Support for children, 28.04.2020

The Telegraph, Boris Johnson prepares to share plan for 'refining' coronavirus lockdown this week, 27.04.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Lockdown home-schooling will widen education gaps, says Ofsted chief, 27.04.2020

TES, 'Ministers must go further and faster on online access', 27.04.2020

TES, Open schools 'would increase infection'. But how much?, 27.04.2020

TES, GCSEs: DfE and Ofqual accused of not addressing bias, 27.04.2020

TES, 5 ways to improve your teaching skills during lockdown, 27.04.2020

TES, 3 lessons from hosting a parents' evening online, 27.04.2020

The Times, School summer holidays should be cut to four weeks, 28.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Schools can’t open without coronavirus test regime, says union, 28.04.2020

The Telegraph, Here is what children want to know about coronavirus, 27.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: All school pupils returning on same day 'is inconceivable', 27.04.2020

BBC News, Return to school in children's interests - Ofsted, 27.04.2020

TES, 'The science cannot tell us when schools should reopen', 26.04.2020

iNews, Coronavirus in the UK: Crisis could create new generation of scientists, says Professor Brian Cox, 26.04.2020

The Sunday Times, The Funday Times: a guide to home learning, 26.04.2020

TES, 12 top tips for job hunters amid the coronavirus crisis, 26.04.2020

The Telegraph, Dominic Raab hints at special guidelines for schools reopening after lockdown, 27.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Leadership vacuum over home schooling ‘is failing pupils’, 27.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Holidays may change to let pupils return to classroom, 27.04.2020

The Times, We may be in this together, but that doesn’t mean we are in this equally, 27.04.2020

Financial Times, The thorny dilemma of when to reopen schools, 26.04.2020

The Times, Graduate class of 2020 mobilised to bring millions of pupils up to speed, 26.04.2020

The Telegraph, Will homeschooling spell disaster for a generation?, 25.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: '2m children face heightened lockdown risk', 25.04.2020

BBC News, Vocational results a mix of predicted grades and delays, 24.04.2020

The Telegraph, Oxford University 'replacing private school pupils with rich overseas students', 24.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Scotland: Exam chiefs defy Swinney over school result claims, 24.04.2020

TES, Schools’ PPE efforts place them at the heart of their community, 24.04.2020

TES, Classrooms may be redesigned to allow social distancing, 23.04.2020

TES, Most young people 'worried about coronavirus impact', 23.04.2020

TES, Free laptops not guaranteed before schools reopen, 23.04.2020

TES, Free school meals: Waiting times increase to four days, 23.04.2020

The Telegraph, Education in crisis: why girls will pay the highest price in the Covid-19 pandemic, 23.04.2020

The Telegraph, 'My friends are still sneaking out’: the truth about life as a quaranteenager, 23.04.2020

Schools Week, Long-Bailey: Lack of ‘overarching message’ on education contributed to Labour’s defeat, 24.04.2020

The Times, More than one in four staff laid off, official figures show, 24.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus test offered to all key worker families, 24.04.2020

TES, Free coronavirus tests for school staff, 23.04.2020

TES, Whatever this is, let's not call it teacher assessment, 23.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Essential workers in England to get tests, 23.04.2020

The Times, Girl launches changing room privacy case, 23.04.2020

iNews, 'It squeezed all the creativity out of her': the parents reconsidering formal education during school closures, 23.04.2020

The Guardian, Make it compulsory for vulnerable children to go to school, No 10 urged, 22.04.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: DfE’s free laptops portal launch delayed, 22.04.2020

TES, Six ways teachers can support home learning, 22.04.2020

The Telegraph, Vulnerable children should be in school – especially during lockdown, 22.04.2020

iNews, Coronavirus lockdown: With exams and festivals cancelled, now is the time for teenagers to find ‘fire in your belly’, 22.04.2020

The Times, Reopening schools is lifeline for lost children, 22.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: one in 20 eligible children go to school, 22.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus lockdown: 80% fall in teachers in school, 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, Contact clustering may allow a partial lockdown exit for young kids, 21.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus GCSEs: Year 10s 'won't be disadvantaged', 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, Year 10 and 12 pupils may have to re-sit a year of school, former chief inspector says, 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, Scotland's schools to remain shut until 'at least' summer holidays, 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers need to show some courage and get back into the classroom, 21.04.2020

The Telegraph, With exams cancelled this year, it is time to scrap GCSEs altogether, 21.04.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Gavin Williamson set to face legal challenge amid claims children are being denied right to education during lockdown, 21.04.2020

The Times, How Coronavirus is causing a surge in child anxiety, 21.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus in Ireland: Exam uncertainty causing stress, student leader says, 21.04.2020

The Daily Mail, Ministers are pushing for schools to reopen in June so pupils can return to classrooms after half-term, 21.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Teachers in 'argument' with DfE over PPE, 20.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: 250K lessons on day one of online academy, 20.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Laptop plan 'not enough', say campaigners, 20.04.2020

TES, ‘Use attainment gap funding to support home learning’, 20.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Longer 'pause' for unconditional offers, 20.04.2020

The Guardian, Thousands urge UK government to keep schools closed, 20.04.2020

The Telegraph, Scottish pupils' grades could be lowered this year if their school has poor academic record, 20.04.2020

The Telegraph, Teacher union chief sets five conditions for schools to reopen, 20.04.2020

The PIE News, UK schools must assure int’l parents, 20.04.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Sturgeon steers clear of supporting plan to reopen schools, 20.04.2020

The Times, Text messages to warn families about online child abuse, 20.04.2020

The Times, Schools stay shut until June as two in three pupils ignore online classes, 20.04.2020

The Times, Highers success exposes gulf between rich and poor areas, 20.04.2020

iNews, Private school pupils twice as likely to receive online lessons than those at state schools20.04.2020

The Guardian, Teachers in England condemn speculation over school reopenings, 19.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Williamson on 3 key questions for teachers, 19.04.2020

The Telegraph, Working parents should be reimbursed for childcare during coronavirus crisis, says IFS, 19.04.2020

TES, Job hunters: school closures needn't derail your career, 19.04.2020

The Guardian, Parents and pupils overwhelm schools with pleas for good grades, 19.04.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: No date for when schools will reopen, 19.04.2020

The Sunday Times, Ministers plan for schools to reopen in three weeks, 19.04.2020

iNews, Coronavirus latest: Children from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive free laptops and 4G routers to ensure access to online learning, 19.04.2020

The Times, Kids in lockdown: why it’s much harder for boys, 17.04.2020

The Telegraph, Inquiry into white working class pupils’ underachievement is not 'racist', select committee chair says, 17.04.2020

Schools Week, DfE publishes furlough rules for schools, 17.04.2020

The Telegraph, When will schools reopen in the UK, and is it safe to send my child back, 17.04.2020

The Telegraph, 'Missing a term is going to make next to no difference' - Telegraph readers on reopening schools, 16.04.2020

The Times, Schools pushing students to attend exams against official advice, 17.04.2020

The Times, Times letters: Opening schools and ending the lockdown, 17.04.2020 

Independent Education, The impact of cancelled exams, 16.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: MPs tell Williamson to fix FSM 'failings', 16.04.2020

TES, Coronavirus: Pressure on boys 'to be a man is growing', 16.04.2020

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