Other articles of interest: 12.05.2020 – 15.05.2020

BBC Radio 4, World at One: Sir Peter Lampl, Chair of the Sutton Trust, is interviewed about online learning, section starts at 6.35, 15.05.2020

The Guardian, Teachers can legally refuse to return over health risk, says union, 15.05.2020

The Times, Teaching unions are working against the interests of children, says Blunkett, 14.05.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers 'at more risk of catching coronavirus from other teachers than from pupils', 13.05.2020

The Guardian, Unions warn of 'lack of understanding' over English school reopenings, 13.05.2020

BBC News, 'Not safe to reopen schools,' warn teachers' unions, 13.05.2020

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TES, GCSEs: Only 39% teachers think 2020 grades fair for all, 13.05.2020

The Telegraph, Children in care are 'thriving' during lockdown because they do not have the pressure of school, children’s services boss says, 12.05.2020

TES, DfE won't fund school meal vouchers over half-term, 12.05.2020

Schools Week, Coronavirus: School attendance rate climbs to 2.4%, 12.05.2020

TES, Explain to us why teachers don't need PPE, say heads, 12.05.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus has left schools confused about their future. Here’s my plan to get young pupils back in education, 12.05.2020 (Requires ‘Independent premium’ subscription)

The Telegraph, Could maximum class sizes of 15 pupils significantly improve our children's school life?, 12.05.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: EIS union opposes early return to school, 12.05.2020

BBC News, Heads say 1 June school reopening plan 'not feasible', 12.05.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers should not go to work on June 1 if they feel unsafe, unions say, 12.05.2020.  Also in The Times and The Financial Times (FT subscription required to gain access)

The Guardian, 'It's OK for teachers to cry': how to handle bereavement in school, 12.05.2020

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