Other articles of interest 13.08.20 – 28.08.20

Other articles of interest

The Times, British teenagers crippled by fear of failure are least satisfied in Europe, 28.08.2020

iNews, Reopening schools: Teachers fear the Government’s ‘catch-up plan’ is not enough to close the attainment gap, 28.08.2020

The Daily Mail, NO healthy child has died from Covid in Britain: Scientists reveal the UK's six young fatalities already had serious health problems when they were hit by virus, 28.08.2020

The Daily Mail, Back to school... with staggered starts, bubble zones and SATURDAY lessons! 97% of head teachers say they are all set to welcome pupils back full-time as they unveil their coronavirus game plans for the new term. So how will things be different?, 28.08.2020

The Guardian, Confusion over face masks as some schools in England could relax rules within days, 26.08.2020

The Times, No 10 forces out top schools mandarin Jonathan Slater after exams fiasco, 26.08.2020

BBC News, Chief education civil servant Jonathan Slater sacked after exams row, 26.08.2020

The Times, Poor pupils are 18 months behind classmates when they take GCSEs, 26.08.2020

Schools Week, The grading fiasco has not finished unravelling, 25.08.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Scottish high schools to introduce new face covering rules, 24.08.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says it is 'vitally important' children return to class, 24.08.2020

The Telegraph, Gavin Williamson hits back at holiday critics by revealing he cancelled family break to stay in UK, 23.08.2020

The Times, I was working on ‘holiday’ trip to Scarborough, insists Gavin Williamson, 23.08.2020

The Guardian, Keir Starmer tells Boris Johnson: your chaos puts schools return at risk, 23.08.2020

The Daily Mail, Don't let our children down again: Voters blast Boris Johnson for his silence on exams fiasco and demand he must not fail to reopen schools next month, 22.08.2020

The Telegraph, Boris Johnson: failure to reopen schools is not an option, 22.08.2020

The Times, Official increase pressure on Gavin Williamson for independent inquiry, 21.08.2020

The Times, Middle-class children may be forced to take gap year, 21.08.2020

BBC News, Pupils get record GCSE grades as BTecs are pulled, 20.08.2020

BBC News, Students to be offered first choice places, says minister, 20.08.2020

The Telegraph, GCSE results day sees highest grades since records began, 20.08.2020

The Telegraph, Almost 100 per cent of A-levels were passed after the Government's grades U-turn, figures show, 20.08.2020

The Telegraph, Universities told to prioritise giving places to poorer students, 20.08.2020

The Times, A-level results: Students offered cash to defer university places for a year, 20.08.2020

The Telegraph, Half a million BTEC students told: You won’t get results on time, 20.08.2020

The Times, Gavin Williamson was warned about risk of exam fiasco, 20.08.2020

The Telegraph, Government has 'full confidence' in Ofqual after exams row, says DfE, 20.08.2020

BBC News, A-levels: Algorithm at centre of grading crisis 'unlawful' says Labour, 19.08.2020

The Times, GCSE results: grades to rise in all subjects, 19.08.2020

The Times, Exam results: Don’t use officials to deflect blame, Gavin Williamson is told, 19.08.2020

The Times, Gavin Williamson bows to pressure and backs Ofqual, 19.08.2020

BBC News, A-levels: How did Gavin Williamson survive exams U-turn?, 18.08.2020

The Times, Scramble for university places after A-level exam U-turn, 18.08.2020

The Telegraph, GCSE results date confirmed as Blunkett calls for 'Nightingale' drive to expand sixth form capacity, 18.08.2020

The Telegraph, Boris Johnson stands ground as pressure for autumn Cabinet shake-up grows, 18.08.2020

The Telegraph, Universities demand more money to take on extra students after A-levels U-turn, 18.08.2020

The Telegraph, Universities admissions chaos predicted as Oxbridge faces having to let down over 1,500 students, 17.08.2020

The Times, Gavin Williamson apologises as he backs down on A-level and GCSE results, 17.08.2020

The Telegraph, Gavin Williamson blames Ofqual as he confirms A-level and GCSE exam results U-turn, 17.08.2020

TES, IB offers new grades to tackle 'algorithm' controversy, 17.08.2020

Financial Times, A-level and GCSE students to have downgraded results restored, 17.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

Schools Week, Teacher grades to be awarded in major government U-turn after results fiasco – reports, 17.08.2020

BBC News, A-levels and GCSEs: Predicted results to be used for Welsh exam grades, 17.08.2020

The Telegraph, Education Secretary to award teachers' predicted grades for A-levels and GCSEs in major U-turn, 17.08.2020

The Independent, Pupils can use coursework and mocks to appeal exam results, Ofqual says in new guidance, 16.08.2020

The Independent, Northern Ireland to let teachers decide GCSE grades after A-level algorithm fiasco, 17.08.2020

BBC News, GCSEs: NI results to be based on teacher predictions, 17.08.2020

The Telegraph, Accepting all predicted grades may be our only way out of this mess, 17.08.2020

iNews, How are GCSE grades calculated? This year’s results explained, and how the numerical grading system works, 17.08.2020

The Times, GCSE creator calls for delay in results to repair flawed system, 17.08.2020

The Daily Mail, Algorithms can cause real harm... said head of Ofqual, the quango that drew up controversial system for downgrading A-level results, 17.08.2020

The Mirror, Stormzy's Merky Foundation pledges £500k to fund underprivileged students, 17.08.2020. Also in The Guardian

The Financial Times, Anger grows as study shows English A-levels missed regulator’s target, 17.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

The Financial Times, International Baccalaureate to revise student grades, 17.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

The Times, A-level results: Anger boils over after regulator drops guidelines within hours, 17.08.2020

The Times, A-level results: Grades by algorithm face legal test, 17.08.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, If the schools fiasco continues, Gavin Williamson will have to go, 16.08.2020

The Independent, A-level results: ‘Rampant’ grade inflation in Latin and classics, while state schools unfairly hit by lowered marks, charity says, 16.08.2020

The Independent, A-level results: How the government’s ‘chaotic’ response to exam cancellations unfolded 16.08.2020

TES, GCSEs 2020: Call to delay results over flawed algorithm, 16.08.2020

TES, As schools reopen, remember no one is 'just' a teacher, 16.08.2020

TES, A levels: ‘Farcical’ Ofqual has ‘sown confusion’, 16.08.2020

TES, Among everything else, spare a thought for the Year 12s, 16.08.2020

TES, Ministers tell parents it is safe to go back to school, 16.08.2020

TES, Ofqual’s algorithm issues ‘more severe’ at GCSE level, 16.08.2020

TES, A-levels: Review 2-grade markdowns or U-turn, say heads, 16.08.2020

TES, GCSE results day: What might we see on Thursday?, 16.08.2020

The Metro, Gavin Williamson urged to delay GCSE results after A Levels were downgraded, 16.08.2020

The Guardian, A-level student launches legal bid against Ofqual, 16.08.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, Oxford University urged by 15 former Student Union presidents to honour all offers, 16.08.2020

The Daily Mail, Pupils CAN now use teachers' predicted grades to challenge GCSE and A-Levels results as ministers are accused of doing a 'Sturgeon by the back door' after major U-turn, 16.08.2020

iNews, When do UK schools go back? How Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s primary and secondary schools are reopening, 16.08.2020

iNews, A-level students launch legal challenge over results chaos as pressure grows on Gavin Williamson to resign, 16.08.2020

iNews, ‘Back to school safely’ campaign seeks to assure parents that reopening schools is safe, 16.08.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, Oxford University urged by 15 former Student Union presidents to honour all offers, 16.08.2020

The Sun, BACK TO SCHOOL Parents to be reassured it’s safe to send kids to school as part of new drive, 16.08.2020

Sky News, Coronavirus: 'Schools are safe' campaign aims to persuade parents to send kids to class, 16.08.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, How can I appeal my A-level results? Advice for students who are unhappy with their grades, 16.08.2020

The Sunday Telegraph, How to recession-proof your degree choice, 16.08.2020

Sky News, A-level exam results fury grows as Ofqual suddenly suspends appeals policy, 16.08.2020

The Daily Mail, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer risks union wrath after saying he 'expects' all pupils to be back in classrooms next month, 16.08.2020

The Sunday Times, Scottish teachers braced for a rise in victims of abuse, 16.08.2020

Schools Week, Ofqual REMOVES mock exam appeals policy just hours after publication, 16.08.2020

The Independent, Government launches national advertising campaign amid fears parents afraid to send children back to classrooms, 16.08.2020

The Independent, A-level results protest: Students call for the government to ‘make the U-turn’ as they demonstrate in London for second day, 15.08.2020

The Independent, Coronavirus: Government cannot ‘open everything’ if schools are to return safely, Independent Sage warns, 15.08.2020

The Telegraph, Aced your A-levels? Here's how to upgrade your university place, 15.08.2020

The Telegraph, The top 12 degree subjects for getting a job, 15.08.2020

The Telegraph, British universities have become indoctrination camps. A reckoning is long overdue, 15.08.2020

The Telegraph, We risk sabotaging the lives of the most vulnerable children if schools do not reopen for all, 15.07.2020 

The Telegraph, Ministers face judicial review over A-level results, 15.08.2020

The Guardian, Controversial exams algorithm to set 97% of GCSE results, 15.08.2020

The Times, A-level results: Ofqual failed students, say statisticians, 15.08.2020

The Times, Free appeals for pupils over poor A-level grades, 15.08.2020

The Times, Gavin Williamson interview: ‘In Scotland there were no checks . . . it degrades every single exam result’, 15.08.2020

The Times, A-level results: Too late for Oxbridge even if you win appeal, 15.08.2020

iNews, How A-level grade appeals work – and who can apply for them, 15.08.2020

iNews, Tory education minister Nick Gibb confronted by angry A-level student: ‘You have ruined my life’, 15.08.2020

iNews, Families urged to keep up-to-date with children’s vaccinations to avoid piling further pressure on the NHS, 15.08.2020

iNews, When do UK schools go back? How Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s primary and secondary schools are reopening, 15.08.2020

BBC News, A-levels and GCSEs: Student tells minister 'you've ruined my life', 15.08.2020

LBC News, Parent of Harrow pupils says it's been a 'non-stop disadvantage' after A-level fiasco, 14.08.2020

TES, DfE admits disadvantaged A-level students lost out, 14.08.2020

TES, How many students cried themselves to sleep last night?, 14.08.2020

TES, How will school transitions go in the year of Covid-19?, 14.08.2020

TES, How to help primary children reintegrate after lockdown, 14.08.2020

TES, Unis and employers asked to 'show empathy' over grades, 14.08.2020

TES, 'Grades have never been a fair summary of achievement', 14.08.2020

TES, GCSE and A level 2020: Guide to subject access requests, 14.08.2020

TES, A-level appeals to be free for downgraded students, 14.08.2020

TES, A levels: Manchester mayor considers legal challenge, 14.08.2020

TES, A-level results legal challenge set to launch, 14.08.2020

TES, Independent Sage: 5 steps to maintain reopened schools, 14.08.2020

TES, Experts warn of school reopening 'super-spreader' risk, 14.08.2020

TES, Exams 2020: Guide to appealing GCSE and A-level grades, 14.08.2020

TES, What if teacher grades are more accurate than exams?, 14.08.2020

TES, 'Is this the last August results day you'll ever see?', 14.08.2020

TES, Equality watchdog intervenes over A-level results, 14.08.2020

TES, LISTEN: A-Level and GCSE results furore latest round-up, 14.08.2020

TES, SQA launches two consultations on 2021 exams, 14.08.2020

The Independent, Scrap ‘heartbreaking injustice’ of A-level testing system, Keir Starmer urges government, 14.08.2020

iNews, A-level results fiasco: ‘My son lost his place at Oxford after being downgraded six grades, 14.08.2020

iNews, Schools reopening in Scotland: Tales of fears and cheers as mum says her daughter, 9, ‘comes home happy every day’, 14.08.2020

iNews, A-level results: Student threatening legal action over grade fiasco ‘won’t hesitate’ to take Government to court, 14.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Cautious Keir Starmer calling for a Scottish-style exams U-turn shows it is possible, 14.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Refugee in care system ‘devastated’ and ‘stuck’ after downgrading ends dream to go to Manchester University, 14.08.2020

iNews, Oxford’s Worcester College to disregard A-level results and honour all offers, 14.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Government to fund all grade appeals in bid to appease angry Tories, 14.08.2020

The Independent, A-level ‘chaos’ risks widening north-south divide, regional leaders warn, 14.08.2020

The Telegraph, Tory MP calls for exam algorithm to be published amid fears it disadvantaged poorer pupils, 14.08.2020

The Telegraph, Exam appeals made free amid fears GCSE results will be bigger disaster than A-levels, 14.08.2020

The Telegraph, This A-Levels fiasco proves there's no substitute for real exams, 14.08.2020

Financial Times, English state schools can appeal against A-level grades for free, 14.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

Financial Times, A-level pupils face year’s delay to admission even if grades reinstated, 14.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

The Times, Poorer teenagers win a record number of places at university, 14.08.2020

The Telegraph, A-Levels 2020: Who are the grade-adjusting algorithm's winners and losers? , 14.08.2020

The Times, Tory MPs revolt over ‘shambolic’ A levels, 14.08.2020

Financial Times, Labour calls for U-turn on A-level grading, 14.08.2020  (FT Premium access required to view content)

The Telegraph, As schools reopen, millions of refugee children risk being left behind, campaigners warn, 14.08.2020

Financial Times, A-level results chaos will have lasting impact on class of 2021, (FT Premium access required to view content), 14.08.2020

The Guardian, Equalities body warns it may step in after A-level downgrades in England, 13.08.2020

The Guardian, 'I feel useless': A-level students in England tell of their disbelief after downgrades, 13.08.2020

Schools Week, A-level results 2020: 8 key trends in England’s data, 13.08.2020

Schools Week, A-level results 2020: B grades most likely to be downgraded, 13.08.2020

The Guardian, Top universities accused of inflexibility over A-level downgrades, 13.08.2020

TES, WATCH: Williamson challenged by angry head on live TV, 13.08.2020

iNews, John Swinney survives closest no confidence vote in history of Scottish Parliament, 13.08.2020

The Telegraph, We cannot be anything other than bitterly disappointed by our A-level results, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: Record 9% of entries get top A* grades, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: Languages see big leap in top grades, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: 39% of teachers' grades moderated down, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: Science entries in decline, 13.08.2020

TES, 'Serious doubt over independence of SQA exams system', 13.08.2020

TES, A-level results: 'I've lost confidence in government', 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: Teachers praised for grading accuracy, 13.08.2020

TES, Why politicians’ mistake was seeking a perfect solution, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: 'No bias' in grading, Ofqual says, 13.08.2020

TES, WATCH: ‘Keep teacher’s A-level grades – they knew best', 13.08.2020

TES, SQA results: The 'exams debacle' without exams, 13.08.2020

TES, Williamson: We spent 'considerable time' on mocks plan, 13.08.2020

TES, Growing backlash over A-level results, 13.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: School leaders hit by algorithm complain of ‘dog’s dinner’, 13.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Bravo to Gavin Williamson and John Swinney for their bold revival of the dunce’s hat, 13.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Keir Starmer says grading system has gone ‘horribly wrong’ and urges Boris Johnson to consider a U-turn, 13.08.2020

iNews, A-level results 2020: Record number of ‘disadvantaged’ pupils to study for degrees, 13.08.2020

TES, A levels 2020: Languages see big leap in top grades, 13.08.2020

The Guardian, Downgraded A-level students urged to join possible legal action, 13.08.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers accused of submitting 'implausibly high' predicted grades as A-level results row grows, 13.08.2020

The Telegraph, Letters: As economic reality hits, the folly of a nationwide lockdown is laid bare, 13.08.2020

Financial Times, Were this year’s A-level results fair?, 13.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

Financial Times, UK school-leavers have been sorely let down, 13.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

Financial Times, Ministers under pressure to review A-level results, 13.08.2020 (FT Premium access required to view content)

TES, A-levels 2020: 'I felt I had been robbed', 13.08.2020