Other articles of interest 16.05.2020 – 22.05.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Schools pushing parents to say if pupils will return, 22.05.2020

The Daily Mail, 'Independent SAGE' chief warns schools cannot reopen safely on June 1 and urges government to push back restart date as two thirds of councils say they won't be ready, 22.05.2020

The Times, Letters: Prepare to board (scroll down), 22.05.2020

TES, Private schools could keep Year 6 pupils at home, 21.05.2020

The Telegraph, Our children’s education must not be held hostage by unions waging political warfare, 21.05.2020

The Telegraph, Pictured: The incredible changes to English classrooms so children can go back to school, 21.05.2020

The Daily Mail, Coronavirus: Scottish schools to reopen in August, 21.05.2020

The Guardian, Unions chief: lack of planning risks chaotic reopening of schools, 21.05.2020

The Telegraph, When will schools reopen in the UK, and is it safe to send my child back, 21.05.2020

The Times, Head teachers left to decide if and when schools will reopen, 21.05.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Bolton University announces return to campus with fever checks, 21.05.2020

The Guardian, UK universities facing £760m hit as one in five students plan to defer, 20.05.2020

The Telegraph, Fifth of new students say they will not take up university place if lectures are made online only, 20.05.20

The Guardian, Ministers row back on 1 June schools opening as councils voice concerns, 20.05.2020

TES, Scientists fuel revolt against 1 June school openings, 20.05.2020

The Times, When can schools reopen safely? What the science tells us, 20.05.2020

The Telegraph, Prime Minister promises contact tracing by June to support opening of schools, 20.05.2020 and BBC News

BBC News, Coronavirus: More councils warn over opening schools on 1 June, 20.05.2020

The Telegraph, Councils could block up to 250,000 pupils returning to school on June 1, 20.05.2020

The Telegraph, Ten days on, how Boris Johnson's big vision to reopen schools tumbled into chaos and rancour, 20.05.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Doubt cast over date for school reopening, 20.05.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Ministers under pressure over schools return date, 20.05.2020

BBC News, Cambridge University: All lectures to be online-only until summer of 2021, 19.05.2020 and The Times and The Telegraph

The Daily Mail, Is Government set to scrap plans to reopen schools on June 1 amid huge backlash from unions? Poll reveals just 5% of teachers feel safe going back to the classroom as No10 insists it never fixed a return date for next month, 19.05.2020

The Guardian, Up to 1,500 English primary schools to defy 1 June reopening plan, 19.05.2020

The Telegraph, BMA drops opposition to schools reopening, 19.05.2020

The Telegraph, Minister refuses to rule out legal action against councils which fail to reopen schools on June 1, 18.05.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Teachers and councils fight pressure to reopen schools, 18.05.2020

The Telegraph, Teachers told not to mark homework to avoid spread of coronavirus, 18.05.2020

The Telegraph, Universities must receive detailed coronavirus guidance to prevent them 'rushing' to reopen, 18.05.2020

The Scotsman, Plans for Scottish schools to 'reopen in August and teachers to return in June', 19.05.2020

TES, Furlough: 4 things senior leaders should bear in mind, 18.05.2020

BBC Radio 4, Today programme: NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman says he remains unconvinced by the Government’s assurances on school safety. Listen after 1.09, 18.05.2020

The Times, Coronavirus: Academies warn of irreparable harm if schools remain closed, 18.05.2020

The Telegraph, Risk of coronavirus spreading in schools is 'extremely low' study finds, 18.05.2020 and here 17.05.2020

The Times, BMA accused of poor science over return to classes, 17.05.2020

BBC News, Coronavirus: Schools safe to reopen, Michael Gove insists, 17.05.2020                                                                                            

BBC News, Coronavirus: Schools safe to reopen, Michael Gove insists, 17.05.2020

The Observer, The Observer view on how the debate on schools has been dangerously mishandled, 17.05.2020

The Telegraph, Schools must reopen for sake of children, says Gavin Williamson, and The Times, 16.05.2020