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Insight issue 11 cover

Issue 11

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Insight issue 10 cover

Issue 10

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Insight issue 9 cover

Issue 9

  • #FutureSchool: How AI, robots and VR are set to transform education.
  • Mark Steed explains why we should welcome robots in the classroom.
  • How transgender pupils are supported in four HMC schools.
  • Frances King investigates new post-18 destinations.
  • Richard Backhouse and Lisa Kerr describe how Headship is changing.

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Insight issue 8 cover

Issue 8

  • Tech Control! - Safety and mastery for pupils in the digital space.
  • UCAS in the 2010s: Chris Ramsey interviews Mary Curnock Cook.
  • How to get on. Kim Eccleston and Jonathan Black talk about interviews, university applications and career plans.
  • School partnerships and impact evaluation.
  • School qualifications and preparation for university in a devolved UK.

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Insight Issue 7 Cover

Issue 7

  • Guy Fawkes, grammar schools and David Cameron: Leo Winkley interviews Neil Carmichael MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee.
  • Insight asks Mary Breen and “search industry” figures to reflect on how talent is fostered in schools.
  • Douglas Robb, Ruth Mercer and three Directors of Sport: how schools can sustain girls’ participation in sport.
  • Martin Collier and Mark Lauder on bringing order to the world of private tutors and entrance exams.

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Issue 6 Cover

Issue 6

  • Antony Faccinello, Paapa Essiedu and Jacqui O’Hanlon on theatre, education and the world of acting.
  • Martin Reader, Richard Biggs and Antony Clark on the challenges and opportunities of overseas schools.
  • Chris Ramsey interviews Mark Peel, Provost of the University of Leicester - just a few days after Leicester City’s Premiership triumph…
  • Nigel Lashbrook and Joe Spence reconsider careers education - what it has been and what it should become.

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Insight issue 5 cover

Issue 5

  • Government mental health tsar Natasha Devon on tackling self-harm and depression safely and effectively.
  • David Elstone on the benefits of playing rugby and other team sports.
  • Insight catches up with three trainees as they embark upon their first year of the HMC Teacher Training programme.
  • Richard Maloney considers the importance of British values in education.

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Issue 4

  • Tony Little and Anthony Seldon on why a transformation of teaching and learning is needed.
  • Sue Freestone reflects on recent dramatic changes to pastoral care in schools.
  • Steffan Griffiths considers what the recent HMC sport survey means for young people.
  • Mark Mortimer and James Lockwood consider the value of armed forces connections.

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 HMC_Insight_Nov2014 Ini

Issue 3

  • Anthony Seldon in conversation with David Blunkett and Stephen Dorrell
  • Gus Lock and Lindsay Slack on bringing languages to life in school
  • John Claughton (King Edward's School, Birmingham), Kevin Fear (Nottingham High School) and David Goodhew (Latymer Upper School) on the importance of bursaries
  • Chris Ramsey interviews Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading

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Issue 2

  • Richard Green looks at the hallmarks of an effective board of governors
  • Lucy Pearson and Julia Lawrence on the role of a school in supporting a bereaved child
  • Nick Hillman looks at the walls of Whitehall at where higher education policy belongs
  • Martin Coles on the benefits of a 'global education'

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Issue 1

  • Why Tony Little (Eton College) thinks more needs to be done to ensure teaching is seen as a vocation not just a profession
  • How Adam Pettitt (Highgate School) and Tim Hands (HMC Chairman and Master of Magdalen College School, Oxford) are challenging HM Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw
  • An open letter from the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Sir Professor Keith Burnett to members of HMC

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Contributing to Insight

Contributing to Insight

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