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Insight issue 12 cover  

Issue 12

  • Professor William Richardson explores and reflects on the history of HMC, 1869-2019.
  • Three HMC Membership Secretaries reflect upon the rewards and challenges of the role and give their perspectives on the past and forecasts for the future, featuring David Prince, Roger Peel and Ian Power.
  • Exploring key milestones for HMC over its 150 year history.
  • Mike Buchanan focuses on the purpose and the future of HMC.
  • Three HMC Heads explore their visions for HMC in the future, featuring Rachel Dent, James Priory and Sue Woodroofe.

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Insight issue 11 cover  

Issue 11

  • Transition: school to university & working with higher education.
  • The mutual benefits of productive partnerships with higher education institutions are outlined by Mark Wallace.
  • The value of students engaging in gaming is explored by
    Hamish Mackenzie.
  • Gregg Davies explores the notion that ‘Challenge creates Character’.
  • Professor Dame Alison Peacock on the role of the Chartered College of Teaching in supporting the profession.

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Insight issue 10 cover  

Issue 10

  • Looking globally…HMC schools and school leadership.
  • Outgoing HMC General Secretary William Richardson reflects on the place of schools in UK society.
  • Marco Longmore and Simon Corns on setting up and running top quality British schooling in the UAE.
  • Will Phelan outlines the future-oriented dynamic of his schools’ joint structure.
  • Joe Spence reviews the future of independent/state school partnerships.

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Insight issue 9 cover  

Issue 9

  • #FutureSchool: How AI, robots and VR are set to transform education.
  • Mark Steed explains why we should welcome robots in the classroom.
  • How transgender pupils are supported in four HMC schools.
  • Frances King investigates new post-18 destinations.
  • Richard Backhouse and Lisa Kerr describe how Headship is changing.

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Insight issue 8 cover  

Issue 8

  • Tech Control! - Safety and mastery for pupils in the digital space.
  • UCAS in the 2010s: Chris Ramsey interviews Mary Curnock Cook.
  • How to get on. Kim Eccleston and Jonathan Black talk about interviews, university applications and career plans.
  • School partnerships and impact evaluation.
  • School qualifications and preparation for university in a devolved UK.

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Insight Issue 7 Cover  

Issue 7

  • Guy Fawkes, grammar schools and David Cameron: Leo Winkley interviews Neil Carmichael MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee.
  • Insight asks Mary Breen and “search industry” figures to reflect on how talent is fostered in schools.
  • Douglas Robb, Ruth Mercer and three Directors of Sport: how schools can sustain girls’ participation in sport.
  • Martin Collier and Mark Lauder on bringing order to the world of private tutors and entrance exams.

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Issue 6 Cover  

Issue 6

  • Antony Faccinello, Paapa Essiedu and Jacqui O’Hanlon on theatre, education and the world of acting.
  • Martin Reader, Richard Biggs and Antony Clark on the challenges and opportunities of overseas schools.
  • Chris Ramsey interviews Mark Peel, Provost of the University of Leicester - just a few days after Leicester City’s Premiership triumph…
  • Nigel Lashbrook and Joe Spence reconsider careers education - what it has been and what it should become.

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Insight issue 5 cover  

Issue 5

  • Government mental health tsar Natasha Devon on tackling self-harm and depression safely and effectively.
  • David Elstone on the benefits of playing rugby and other team sports.
  • Insight catches up with three trainees as they embark upon their first year of the HMC Teacher Training programme.
  • Richard Maloney considers the importance of British values in education.

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Issue 4

  • Tony Little and Anthony Seldon on why a transformation of teaching and learning is needed.
  • Sue Freestone reflects on recent dramatic changes to pastoral care in schools.
  • Steffan Griffiths considers what the recent HMC sport survey means for young people.
  • Mark Mortimer and James Lockwood consider the value of armed forces connections.

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 HMC_Insight_Nov2014 Ini

Issue 3

  • Anthony Seldon in conversation with David Blunkett and Stephen Dorrell
  • Gus Lock and Lindsay Slack on bringing languages to life in school
  • John Claughton (King Edward's School, Birmingham), Kevin Fear (Nottingham High School) and David Goodhew (Latymer Upper School) on the importance of bursaries
  • Chris Ramsey interviews Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading

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Issue 2

  • Richard Green looks at the hallmarks of an effective board of governors
  • Lucy Pearson and Julia Lawrence on the role of a school in supporting a bereaved child
  • Nick Hillman looks at the walls of Whitehall at where higher education policy belongs
  • Martin Coles on the benefits of a 'global education'

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Issue 1

  • Why Tony Little (Eton College) thinks more needs to be done to ensure teaching is seen as a vocation not just a profession
  • How Adam Pettitt (Highgate School) and Tim Hands (HMC Chairman and Master of Magdalen College School, Oxford) are challenging HM Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw
  • An open letter from the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Sir Professor Keith Burnett to members of HMC

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