Leading Schools in the 21st Century

Leading Schools in the 21st Century is a series of eight books aimed at the development of serving and future Heads of independent schools. The series offers useful and informative advice on the many aspects of how to run a successful school, including how to avoid pitfalls, expect the unexpected and deal with everything from training new teachers to organising a Royal visit.

Sixteen experienced Heads of GSA and HMC schools provide expert advice on the Early Stages; Relations with Governors, Staff and Parents; Curriculum Management and Strategy; Pastoral Care; Boarding; Finance; Development & Fundraising; Marketing; Public Relations; Appraisal.



Heads of Department
Sixteen members of HMC and GSA schools and other organisations with experience of running academic departments in schools provide expert advice about leading by example; monitoring the effectiveness of the department's work; leading and managing your staff; leading from the middle; the limits of autonomy; curriculum and qualifications; the HoD's role in teacher recruitment and retention; heads of science; the learning styles phenomenon: reality or hoax? ICT across the curriculum; inspection issues in the age of ISI2 and 3; and how to keep your bursar happy.


Senior Management Teams
Thirteen members of Senior Management Teams from GSA and HMC schools provide expert advice on the deputy head; the staffing deputy; the academic deputy/director of studies; the pastoral deputy; the senior manager in a boarding school; the role of the bursar; acting Headship; school development planning; dealing with complaints; managing bereavement in school; handling a disciplinary investigation; and managing special events.



Newly Qualified Teachers and other entrants into teaching
Sixteen writers with a wealth of experience provide expert advice on working in the independent sector; first impressions; responsibilities and rewards: advice on starting out; child protection and your protection; good classroom practice; achievement and diversity; extra and co-curricular opportunities; the effective use of time; communication with parents; role of the induction tutor; those who work around you; input and out: admissions and public exams; balances and checks; professional development issues; looking ahead: next steps.


Pastoral Work and those who practise it
Nineteen writers with a wealth of varied experience provide expert advice on the social and educational context in which we work; pastoral issues and the law; pastoral strategies, teams and tactics; the boarding houseparents; running a girls' house in a coeducational school; from housemaster to Headmaster; pastoral care of staff; developing people and developing yourself; nursing and pastoral care; head of the sixth form; the role of the chaplain; caring for international boarders; pastoral issues in a world of global communication; dealing with challenging teenagers.


Public Relations, Marketing and Development
This book focuses on the specific requirements of independent schools in the UK. Published in partnership with the HMC, the Association of Marketing and Development in Independent Schools (AMDIS), and the Institute of Development Professionals in Education (IDPE), the book has been written by experienced professionals who are experts in their field.



The work of the bursar: a Jack of all trades?
Seventeen writers provide a wealth of practical information and experience of the world of bursars; bursars and Heads; the all-embracing nature of the job; the bursar and the bursarial team; introductory guide to child protection; policy statements and the rolling review; strategic planning, presenting accounts, finance and budgeting issues; building and maintenance; strategic planning and project management; clerk to the governors; legal issues; recruiting a bursar; the bursar in a boarding school; charities; managing ICT and its spending and getting the most out of ISBA.


Governance and Governors
Co-sponsored by AGBIS. Drawing on their personal experience, 16 contributors explain why governance is now a more demanding and multi-faceted role than in days gone by. Including chapters on: Responsibilities and accountabilities; Health and safety; Risk management; Child protection requirements; Policies, complaints and appeals; Finding a new Head.