Researching into the power of forgetting: revising for exams

Putney High School is harnessing the power of forgetting thanks to a unique research project into how we think, learn, store memories and recall knowledge.  By understanding the basic theory behind both our “working” and “long term” memories, and changing teaching and revision methods accordingly, Putney is challenging long-held principles and improving outcomes for its students.

Suzie Longstaff (Putney High School)

Suzie Longstaff - photo

Suzie admits that her previous career in sport as Cox of the British Olympic VIII has been a huge formative influence on her approach to both leadership and education.

As Headmistress of HMC day school, Putney High School GDST - which educates over 1000 girls in leafy Putney, south west London - Suzie aims to provide a rich tapestry of experiences and an intellectually challenging education for her students within a supportive and vibrant community. 

Shortlisted this year as one of the i25 innovators and influencers in education, Suzie constantly encourages her pupils to think differently and to stand up and use their voice. Students achieve not only academically, but through developing real-world skills such as oracy, entrepreneurship and digital wizardry that will give them the edge in a modern world.

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