Resilience and wellbeing – what it takes and why it matters

Julia Steward - Chrysalis Leadership Development

JS photoJulia Steward is Founder and Director of Chrysalis Leadership Development Ltd, a consultancy providing 1:1 coaching and bespoke leadership development programmes.

Her particular interest is in helping school leaders to build and sustain resilience in a context of rapid change, increasing demands and (frequently) decreasing resources.

Her book Sustaining Resilience for Leadership: Stories from Education is published this year by John Catt Educational Limited.

'Sustained effective leadership will be adversely affected by the power stress aroused in the process of fulfilling the leadership role'

Boyatzis et al, 2006, Academy of Managment Learning and Education 5 (1): 9

All leadership is stressful. To fulfil their role successfully, leaders require a degree of self-management seldom required of others. An added pressure for school leaders is the context: high expectations, high visibility, high accountability and high stakes. School leaders have the power to influence future generations to an extent not expected of other professions. We hear a great deal about students’ resilience and wellbeing; far less attention is paid to that of staff and even less to that of school leaders.

Whether you want to reflect on your own resilience or that of your leadership team, the workshop provides an opportunity to explore wellbeing as the foundation of resilience, what might get in the way of leaders looking after their own wellbeing, and how to ensure that we are not running on empty when times get tough.

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