Bryanston School

Bryanston School

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Sarah Thomas
Address: Blandford Forum
United Kingdom
Phone: 01258 484 632
Division: South West

School Profile

Bryanston is a school which rejoices in its motto: et nova et vetera. We're a young enough school to have a crystal-clear vision of our direction and values, much of them described by our founder in 1928, and these imbue all we do here. We are proud to teach pupils to learn, rather than treating them as so many empty vessels to be passively filled with facts. We're also clear about the important traditions for a school: at Bryanston they are those which encourage independence, individuality, and thinking, as well as being able to learn from living in a loving community which fast becomes, and remains, a family.

Bryanston has high academic standards, good examination results and levels of achievement which reflect considerable 'added value'. Sporting performance is impressive and the School enjoys a strong reputation for Music, Art, Design & Technology, Science and Classics.

Such things are excellent, but we aim to provide more. We believe that education should impart a real sense of meaning and purpose and develop open and enquiring minds. We value creativity, individuality and variety and we want our young people to fulfil their talents wherever they lie. At the same time, we seek to nurture integrity, responsibility, respect for others, compassion and self-discipline within the context of the demands set by the lively school community and the wider world.

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