Cheadle Hulme School

Cheadle Hulme School

Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Neil Smith
Address: Claremont Road
Cheadle Hulme
Phone: 0161 488 3332
Division: North West

School Profile

Cheadle Hulme School is a school that values its heritage and, at a time of rapid change in society, wishes to continue providing young people with the knowledge, skills and moral code to prepare them for life. 

Originally founded as a School for ‘orphans and necessitous children’ Cheadle Hulme School is still able to support those whose families fall on hard times, enabling such children to continue their education in an independent, predominantly fee-paying school. Having been a Direct Grant Grammar School prior to 1976, with free local authority places awarded to 11+ pupils, Cheadle Hulme School values highly a social and ethnic mix of all groups from a wide catchment area. While the School now depends more heavily on fee-payers, it is committed to attracting greater numbers of bursary pupils in the future, further increasing diversity of pupils within the School.

As a Boarding School, Cheadle Hulme School became renowned for the high quality of care shown by the staff towards both boarders and day pupils. This tradition has continued despite the cessation of boarding, and the modern School still has a deserved reputation for friendliness and outstanding pastoral care. The School aims to equip leavers with the levels of academic achievement necessary to qualify for the most popular courses at the most prestigious Universities. Cheadle Hulme School has the reputation as a leading coeducational day School in the North West.

Alongside these qualifications, our young people also gain the confidence which comes from involvement in an exceptional co-curricular programme, with its many teamwork and leadership opportunities. They go on to succeed in challenging and rewarding careers in the major professions with personal qualities including the flexibility so important in the modern world.

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