Cranleigh School

Cranleigh School

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Martin Reader
Address: Horseshoe Lane
United Kingdom
Phone: 01483 542131
Fax: 01483 273696
Division: South East

School Profile

There can be few schools that are held in more affection than Cranleigh. From its earliest days as the ‘Surrey County School’ in the 1860s, Cranleigh has attracted remarkable loyalty from people living in the local area. Today, the School continues to enjoy the committed support of families living in West Sussex and Surrey, as well as from those in nearby East Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and South-West London. In addition, we’re fortunate that about forty or fifty pupils from families living overseas are part of our school community each year. 

One of my favourite tasks is my daily chat with boys and girls who are still at prep school. Many are on their first ever visit to the School, and I find it really interesting to talk to them about the range of things they like doing and to watch their first reaction to looking round Cranleigh. They usually return from a tour of the campus with an almost tangible buzz from what they’ve seen! And often it’s not just the campus and facilities they seem to have picked up on, but also the warmth of the atmosphere and the easy way in which the pupils and staff get on.

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