Dubai College

Dubai College

Type: Day / Co-ed
Age Range: 11-18
Head's Name: Mike Lambert
Address: PO Box 837
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 00 971 43999111
Division: International

School Profile

Dubai College is an important part of the vibrant, ultra modern city state of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The College can be found in the heart of the ‘new Dubai’ district. Set in nineteen acres of spacious, landscaped grounds, the College offers state of the art facilities in keeping with contemporary Dubai.

Dubai College has, in the last thirty years, built up a tradition of excellence and can rightly claim to be amongst the very best UK curriculum schools within an international setting. We can point to many things from our past to demonstrate clearly why we have, for so many Dubai parents, been the secondary school of choice for so long. During this time we have built a community where students, staff, parents and alumni can look back on the past with pride, enjoy the present and look forward to a promising and exciting future.

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