Frensham Heights School

Frensham Heights School

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Rick Clarke
Address: Frensham Heights Road
GU10 4EA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01252 797400
Division: South Central

School Profile

At Frensham Heights, we aim to get the best for our children – but we believe that ‘the best form of competition is with one’s self’. If children are given the support, encouragement and scope to develop their ambitions and their sense of drive and purpose, they will go further and achieve more. Frensham has a heritage of progressive education and confidence based on decades of success (51% A*-A at GCSE in 2011) – success that today’s traditional schools now seek to emulate.

We do stretch our children at Frensham Heights but not to breaking point. Instead, we feed their imaginations, expect them to ask questions, encourage them to demand answers and ultimately help them to grow into confident, generous and happy young adults.

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