Glenalmond College

Glenalmond College

Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Michael Alderson
Address: Warden's House
Glenalmond College
United Kingdom
Phone: 01738 842061
Division: Scottish

School Profile

At Glenalmond College we provide an inspirational environment for young people to learn and grow into confident and independent people who will be able to meet the challenges of life head on, be successful in whatever they choose to do, and who are armed with the skills and qualities that will allow them to thrive in this increasingly competitive world.

I often describe the pupils who leave us at the end of the Sixth Form as being 'on the verge of adulthood'. We have worked hard with them to make sure they are happy and confident and have been stretched - academically, physically, creatively, spiritually and emotionally.

At the heart of what we do is the academic life of the School; we value, develop and support every pupil's academic ability, nurturing excellence at the highest levels and guiding those who find work a little harder. Around this core is a programme of activities and life beyond the classroom that offers the widest range of opportunities in sport, music, drama and the creative arts as well as in the essential qualities of leadership, service, and responsibility. All of this happens in the context of unsurpassed pastoral care and the development of the spirit and soul.

Our seven-days-a-week boarding environment provides us with the time and commitment to develop each child's potential. Day pupils as well as boarders benefit from the full and varied timetable and each child receives the personal attention they need to help them become confident, well-rounded individuals.

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