King’s Rochester

King's rochester boy girl

King’s Rochester

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Jeremy Walker
Address: Satis House
Boley Hill
United Kingdom
Phone: 01634 888551
Fax: 01634 888505
Division: South East

School Profile

We offer you 1400 years’ experience of preparing young people for the modern world. Our school pre-dates even the magnificent Norman cathedral of Rochester, which serves as our chapel.

We cater for a wide range of academic ability, from Oxbridge to average. But at all levels families are surprised at the strengths and talents we discover in their children; this is why you would choose King’s over other schools.

Our unique approach is built on four solid and proven foundations. First, children absorb principles of moral behaviour and respect for others that will serve them all their life; these principles derive from our Christian tradition – but you don’t have to share our belief in order to share our principles; we are an associate member of the Woodard Corporation, the largest group of independent schools in the UK where all pupils are valued for themselves and encouraged to give their very best. Woodard Schools openly foster understanding, diversity and tolerance for all.

Secondly, we stretch our pupils intellectually from their youngest years and train them to think for themselves; this is the best possible route to a good university and a good degree. Soft subjects and easy grades benefit no-one.

Then we focus on the whole person. Small classes enable us to know our pupils; individual attention gets the best out of them; and the wide range of extra-curricular activities lets them test and develop their interests and the wide range of extra-curricular activities lets them test and develop their interests and talents, whatever these may be.

Lastly and crucially, we engage with members of the King’s family. At King’s Rochester, education is still a calling, not just a job. Pupils are people, not just faces in a crowd. We work with parents to do whatever is necessary for the good of each child. Our teachers earn respect, rather than demand it; and this motivates pupils to do well for them.

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