Kingston Grammar School

KGS 240614 - 122 (schools directory)

Kingston Grammar School

Type: Day / Co-ed
Age Range: 11-18
Head's Name: Stephen Lehec
Address: 70 London Road
Kingston upon Thames
Phone: 0208 9398801
Division: London

School Profile

A good education is one of the most important gifts you can bestow.  At Kingston Grammar School, academic excellence together with support and encouragement within the classroom take centre stage but they are by no means the whole of the story.  Our extensive co-curricular programme and pastoral care underpin achievement and help us to make the most of individual talents, encouraging the development of leadership skills, a sense of responsibility and respect for others as well as for oneself. 

Kingston Grammar School is part of a long tradition of education in this place stretching back over 400 years.  An understanding of fundamental values, blended with a willingness to change and to innovate, lends us a very special atmosphere in which preparation for the future goes hand in hand with an appreciation of the richness of life and the importance of friendship and generosity.

The School community works together to create an environment which encourages the highest aspirations and promotes independent thought; pupils are given the opportunity to develop their own ideas and skills, deepening their knowledge and understanding of curriculum subjects. Pupils are expected to become responsible citizens, informed, interested and engaged, with a care for others and the ability to think for themselves and show a proper regard for people and for the environment.

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