Marlborough College, Malaysia

Marlborough College, Malaysia

Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Alan Stevens
Address: Jalan Marlborough
Iskander Puteri
Phone: 00 60 756 02200
Division: International

School Profile

Marlborough College Malaysia is a fully coeducational, independent, boarding and day International School in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The College is not for profit and fully owned by Marlborough College in the UK; therefore it is not a franchise and operates on charitable principles.

The College is situated on a stunning 90-acre estate on the southern tip of Malaysia, 20km from the Singapore border. The campus provides a spacious and beautiful environment to enrich the development of our pupils with extensive sports fields, a lake for fishing and a pupil-run farm which is a valuable exercise in sustainability and ecological awareness.

With its unique links to Marlborough College in the UK, regular collaboration, competition and exchanges of staff and pupils are routine.

The College\'s Senior School provides pupils with exceptional preparation for IGCSE and IB Diploma qualifications. However, the College\'s philosophy values breadth and challenge beyond the classroom too, so sport, charity and philanthropy are all prized and time is dedicated to all of these within the curriculum.