Norwich High School for Girls

Norwich High School for Girls

Type: Day / Single Sex (Girls only)
Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Alison Sefton
Address: 95 Newmarket Road
Phone: 01603 453265
Division: East

School Profile

At Norwich High School, we believe passionately in putting girls first. We give girls the very best opportunities to find their strengths, explore the whole breadth of subject options, and tailor all that we do around their needs.

In and outside our classrooms, there are no barriers of expectations and modifications of behaviour that can arise in a co-educational environment. Our girls are just as keen to pursue Computing, Engineering, and the Sciences, as they are the Arts and Humanities. Innovation is built into our DNA, as we were the very first girls’ school to be founded outside London, and we continue to seek innovation in all that we do.

We aim to develop girls who are confident in their own voice. Our hallmark Inspiring Females programme brings bold, innovative and creative women from all fields into the school to inspire and mentor our girls, enabling them to imagine and plan their next steps into their futures.

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