Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital (Bristol)

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital (Bristol)

Type: Day / Single Sex (Boys only)
Age Range: 7-18
Head's Name: Stephen Holliday
Address: Berkeley Place
United Kingdom
Phone: 0117 9303044
Website: www.qehbristol.co.uk
Division: South West

School Profile

Queen Elizabeth's Hospital is no ordinary school. 

QEH, traditionally known as The City School, continues to have close links with the City of Bristol and is renowned nationally for achievements in public examinations, sport, music and drama. Today it is a thriving wholly day independent school. With only 585 Senior and 100 Junior day pupils, we know every boy. Individuals matter: there's space for a boy to be himself. Visitors comment on the friendliness and confidence of the boys, and the boys speak about how well they get on with each other and the staff.

QEH is academically selective but not socially exclusive. There's a good mix of people at QEH. With a curriculum specifically tailored to meet boys' needs, examination results for boys at QEH are second to none in Bristol. It is a pleasure to work in such a unique place and a privilege to play a part in shaping the lives of the young men of QEH.

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