Radley College

Radley College

Type: Boarding / Single Sex (Boys only)
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: John Moule
Address: Abingdon
OX14 2HR
United Kingdom
Phone: 01235 543127
Website: www.radley.org.uk
Division: South Central

School Profile

Radley is very unusual, a great public school which remains all-boys, all-boarding. It is small enough – 680 boys – for the dons to know every boy, and the sense of community is reinforced by daily Chapel each evening for the whole school.

Radley is an all-boys school because we believe boys develop best in an unthreatening environment free from the competition of able and mature girls. We are experienced in teaching boys, and the active nature of the curriculum plays to their strengths. Radley’s strength in the Choir, in Creative Writing, in Modern Languages and Drama – areas often dominated by girls in Coeducational schools – endorses our belief that boys will flourish if nurtured in an all boys environment.

Radley is a 7 day week boarding school – every boy boards. Boys take advantage of Radley’s exceptional sporting and artistic facilities right up to bedtime and at weekends. Extra-curricular societies take place at 9.05pm every night of the week; weekends see drama and music rehearsals, open workshops, games and recreational sports. We run revision sessions through breakfast clubs and Sunday classes throughout the Exam term. Across 5 years at Radley the time spent beyond the timetable allows us to develop a boy far more than a day school education would permit.

Radley has a formidable reputation for its teaching, and for its results. Our entry system generates boys of varying academic abilities yet all achieve excellent results. This is the consequence of our setting high expectations from the start; and boys aspire to stretch themselves and aim high. They learn a strong work ethic, and are encouraged to develop independent learning.

We seek to develop a boy’s potential in whatever area for which he shows an aptitude; boys in their music, drama and art, and in their sports, are taught or coached by inspiring professionals and achieve extraordinary things as a consequence.

Radley puts great emphasis on character and values. A strong pastoral system sees boys mentored and monitored so that they develop tolerance and mutual support for each other. Daily Chapel reinforces these values, but they are lived out in all we do, for close and regular contact between dons and boys in class, extra curricularly and socially through tutor and form groups helps establish Radley’s core values.

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