St Edward’s School

St Edward’s School

Type: Day / Boarding / Co-ed
Age Range: 13-18
Head's Name: Stephen Jones
Address: Woodstock Road
United Kingdom
Phone: 01865 319323
Division: South Central

School Profile

St Edward’s is a vibrant community in which young people can learn and grow up happily. At St Edward’s we hold fast to the belief that the best preparation for adult life is an education with breadth of opportunity.

There are currently over 650 pupils in the School between the ages of 13 and 18. Of these 80% are boarding and 20% are day pupils. 65% of the pupils are boys and 35% are girls. The proportion of girls in the School has risen with the completion of the 4th girls boarding house.

St Edward's adheres to a full boarding model. Day pupils are expected to participate fully in all aspects of School life. This is reflected in the School day. All pupils arrive by 8.30am and do not depart until after prep is finished at 9.00pm. Day pupils are allowed to go home after they have completed their commitments on a Saturday. Many however also come in on a Sunday to enjoy some of the many activities which take place.

We aim to enable all our pupils to make the most of their academic abilities. Through excellent teaching and a positive approach to learning we encourage our pupils to aim as high as possible, to enjoy their studies and to do well in examinations.

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