St John’s School

St John’s School

Age Range: 11-18
Head's Name: Rowena Cole
Address: Epsom Road
KT22 8SP
United Kingdom
Phone: 01372 385441
Division: South East

School Profile

St John’s is a flourishing community based on the values of courtesy, respect and tolerance, whose purpose is to serve the interests of all our pupils. At St John’s, every child matters and our pupils have, both individually and collectively, a real sense of pride in their School.

The School’s educational philosophy is rooted in an understanding that each pupil has different talents and distinct qualities.

Our primary focus is to nurture these talents, instil a love of learning and educate in the broadest possible sense.

St John’s offers a wide range of opportunity. Every pupil is encouraged to choose their own pathway, informed by his or her interests and ambitions. They are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability, academically as well as outside the classroom. An emphasis is placed on participation; from sport to community service, from music to the CCF. Pupil success in every sphere is recognised and celebrated.

The success of the School is underpinned by a strong pastoral culture and House system. The result is that the pupils leave St John’s confident, positive and ready to play a full part in society.

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