Surbiton High School

Surbiton High School

Type: Day / Boarding
Age Range: 4-18
Head's Name: Rebecca Glover
Address: 13-15 Surbiton Crescent
Phone: 0208 439 1324
Division: London

School Profile

Surbiton High School is an independent academic school for girls aged 4 - 18 years and boys aged 4 - 11 years. Our focus is on learning, leadership and values.

Surbiton High School is one which caters for the individual. It is a place where every pupil is valued, and encouraged to give their very best. Our goal is to inspire your children to be the best they can be. We believe that an education full of opportunity is a vital cornerstone of your child's transition and future and, in partnership with you, we at Surbiton High will ensure that innovative learning is the basis for the fostering of independence and the development of sound personal values with which your children can make informed decisions in response to the myriad of choices their 21st century life will offer them.

Surbiton High School is an exceptional school: a warm, supportive and successful community offering a wide range of exciting opportunities for learning and personal development. We have high standards and superb academic results. Our girls have the freedom to grow and to learn, to think creatively and develop enquiring minds.  We challenge all of our girls to achieve above their expectations. We are extremely proud of their achievements. Surbiton High pupils are encouraged to be independent thinkers who love to learn. They take responsibility for themselves and work together in a spirit of trust, mutual respect and collaboration. We encourage their imagination and sense of ambition and we provide fantastic opportunities for individual success at every level.

Our girls feel at home here and quickly acquire confidence and the courage to take risks. Surbiton High pupils are the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. We encourage their development as thoughtful young people who consider their actions and care for others. Our school is an important environment for moral learning and we have a strong ethos of respect for others. Our girls have significant opportunities for leading and helping others, from acting as buddies to befriending older people in our local community. Each year our pupils raise significant amounts of money for local and national charities through innovative fundraising.

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