Sponsor Profile – Envoplan

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Stand: 41
Company Name: Envoplan
Contact Name:  Joanna Tuffin
Tel: 02089 979 656
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://envoplan.co.uk/
Envoplan is a one of a kind education interior design specialist, dedicated to improving student learning experiences.

We combine boundless creativity with focused intelligence to create stunning learning environments. Through our years of experience working within schools, we have a vast knowledgebase and detailed understanding of how the learning environment functions today.

We follow and understand the latest trends in education and are continually researching what the future of learning is likely to hold. Our interior design capability provides the ‘missing link’ between architects and the end users of your space.

We help you to inspire prospective parents and students alike, reinforcing your ethos and vision. With an intelligent, sympathetic design approach we will maintain your great heritage and enhance your school environment to be the best it can be.

From science laboratories, to boarding houses, libraries and sixth form zones, our expertise covers all environments within a school

Sponsor of: Quiet working space for HMC members situated between the Chester and Derby meeting rooms.



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