The future curriculum – the impact of VR and AI – Joe Nutt

Joe Nutt - Education Consultant, Author and Blogger

Joe NuttJoe Nutt is an international educational consultant and columnist for the TES.

He spent almost 20 years teaching and house-mastering, unusually in schools ranging from the highly selective, private sector to challenging, inner city state schools, before being seconded by the DfE from his post teaching English at the City of London School.

The second half of his career has been in business, much of that working in the ed-tech sector. He was Senior Educational Specialist at RM, where he led the team of 6 implementing the national intranet for Scotland, Glow, who won a Global Learning Impact Award in 2009. More recently he has worked as an Associate for Deloitte, Civica, Mouchel and NFER on MAT and school improvement projects.

Joe is a Macmillan author, has published educational research internationally and his latest book, The Point of Poetry, is due for publication later in 2018.

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