Tech Control 2 Video and Lesson Plans


Welcome to Tech Control 2: Live it. Change it. Work it.

Building on the success of the Tech Control 1 video and lesson plans, HMC and Digital Awareness UK (DAUK) are continuing their commitment to helping schools support young people in managing their use of technology effectively.

Phase two of the Tech Control campaign includes a five-minute video that presents young people with options for making social media and technology work for them positively, and lesson plans to help pupils interrogate the issues raised in more detail.

Feedback from HMC Members and DAUK’s workshops in schools shows there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to thriving in the digital world. So the “Live It. Change It. Work It.” video features three young people and the journey they took to a successful use of technology – with tips on how other young people can do the same.

The differentiated lesson plans aim to provide reflection, discussion and practical action so pupils can ensure technology has a positive influence on their health and wellbeing. This is achieved through an emphasis on digital resilience and awareness and critical thinking.

We hope you find them useful. Please feel free to share with your state school partners (only); the public launch will be at the October HMC Conference.

Tech Control 2 Lesson Plan

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