Tonbridge School Sports Partnerships

Tonbridge School has supported the Olympic legacy of sportsmanship and community through its sports partnerships with primary schools. Involving to up to 23 local schools, these partnerships allow Tonbridge pupils and staff to regularly share their facilities and expertise with local schools and the wider community.

Tonbridge School aims to

  • Connect the School, staff and boys with the local community through participation in activities that are for the benefit of the wider public.
  • Inspire and maintain the Olympic spirit in young children, allowing them to fulfil their potential

What it involves

  • Tonbridge SportOlympic Legacy Athletics Tournament: Since 2013, this anticipated annual event held at Tonbridge School has allowed pupils from 12 local primary schools to gain a taste of sporting competition. The Tournament is run by Sixth Form boys as part of Tonbridge Community Action, a volunteering programme taken part in by 110-120 boys per year, and is held at Tonbridge Sports Centre. Approximately 300 children are helped to develop their athletic abilities, being coached in different skills such as jumping and throwing by the sixth formers and professional coaches in the morning and competing in the afternoon.
  • Community Day: A symbol of the school’s commitment to community, the mini-Olympiad takes place in the Summer Term. This year’s event saw just under 1,000 primary school children hosted on the Tonbridge site, as well as members of local senior citizen groups. The children take part in variety of sports from football to frisbee as well as being offered academic and creative activities such as photography and chemistry experiments.
  • Each Community Day holds something unique: in 2014 primary school pupils, staff and Tonbridge boys achieved a world record by performing the largest organised ‘Mobot’ in order to raise money for the Mo Farah Foundation. As the 2016 Community Day coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, a replica World War One trench was constructed at Tonbridge School with soldiers sharing facts and answering students’ questions.
  • Alongside their continuing sports partnerships Tonbridge school helps with the teaching of science in local primary schools and has a partnership with Marsh Academy.

Tonbridge School’s Involvement

Events are hosted, organised, and run by Tonbridge Staff and pupils using the school’s facilities


The Olympic Legacy Athletics Tournament has proved to be inspirational for both the local children and Tonbridge pupils. For many of the primary school children the Tournament is their first opportunity to compete in track and field events while as a result the Tonbridge boys now run a free afternoon athletics club for local children.

The Community Day provides the opportunity for local children to discover a new passion, one thank you letter from Bidborough Primary School stating: “The day was great, we really enjoyed it… I really like the Basketball, it was great fun. Thank you for teaching me Judo. We hope we can come again”

One Year 5 pupil was heard exclaiming: “This isn’t a school day, this is like the best holiday I’ve ever had!”[1]

Headmaster Tim Haynes said: “Tonbridge places great value in being a part of the community and it is therefore essential we work with organisations such as local primary schools, secondary schools and other groups to provide opportunities to others as well as our own boys.”

[1] TCA Newsletter Summer 2015 p.2

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