Teaching in HMC Schools

The 25,000 staff who teach in our 283 schools, enjoy outstanding teaching resources and working environments and some of the lowest student-staff ratios in UK schools (one teacher for every 9 pupils compared with 22 in the state sector). The ability to spend more time with each child allows teachers to get to know their strengths, weaknesses and learning style, and to tailor their education.

Teachers in our schools are supported by HMC Professional Development (HMCPD), a professional development service for HMC Members that provides some 65 courses each year.

Teachers in HMC independent schools are free to devise their own curriculum and examinations. They work in a liberated environment and are free to show sustained initiative in the field of curriculum development. Innovation has been a proud hallmark of HMC independent schools since 1869.

Independence allows innovation to flourish and it is this independence that is the key to the successful teaching and learning found in our schools.

Furthermore, teachers in HMC independent schools, with support and encouragement to play their part in games and co-curricular activities programmes, share the all-round educational experience enjoyed by our pupils.

The smaller class sizes in HMC schools allow for a more individual approach to teaching and for greater contributions from all pupils. Additionally, behaviour and expectations of pupils are higher so more time can be spent on teaching and learning.

The support network I had whilst training in the school was first class. Entering the profession slightly later, it allowed me to become qualified without having to going back to university.

Through curricular and extra-curricular commitments I have developed a strong rapport with the pupils and seeing them progress and improve is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job.

Nikki Laybourne, Physical Education teacher at Leicester Grammar School

Leadership and governance are of the highest order. A career in an HMC independent school is a truly enriching experience.

HMC independent schools recruit and develop the very best teachers from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Our teachers are able to create, innovate and stimulate, making the most effective use of their extensive experience and classroom expertise. Our communities are exciting places to work, bringing together passionate and reflective professionals from the UK and around the world. Many current and former professional performers and sportsmen and women teach in HMC schools making a unique contribution to the rich and varied co-curricular life of the pupils.

HMC Teacher Training

HMC Teacher Training is a programme of recruitment, training and induction that provides a direct route into the teaching profession. Trainee teachers work in salaried posts in HMC independent senior schools and gain recognised, transferable teaching qualifications.

Individuals who train to teach in HMC schools enjoy employment in some of the UK’s most outstanding educational establishments. They have the chance to teach their specialist subject and take part in the extra-curricular activities so important to school life.

Successful trainees leave the programme with recognised, transferable teaching qualifications, accepted by both independent schools and academies – the first step on the journey to a rewarding career in education. Find our more by visiting www.hmcteachertraining.org.uk

* in the UK and Ireland