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Foward-thinking and dynamic, HMC has been helping its members and their schools to grow and develop since it was founded as the world's first heads' association more than 150 years ago.


Next Generation Assessment Conference - Shaping the future

The Next Generation Assessment Conference takes place on 18 March 2024. The conference will explore and debate cutting-edge methods and themes related to assessment in education today.


Widening access

Providing greater opportunities for pupils from less advantaged backgrounds.


Benefits of HMC Membership

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Benefits of International Membership

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For our members and more

Working hard across a number of key areas.


Globally recognised as world-leading

HMC schools are individual and distinctive but at their heart are the benefits of a holistic education: academic excellence together with a strong emphasis on pastoral care and exceptional co-curricular provision.

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Effective collaboration in Independent Education

HMC’s conferences provide fascinating insights, opportunities for networking and sharing ideas as well as the chance to grow and develop professionally.

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“Exceptional courses and conferences to help achieve your career goals and become the best practitioner you can be.”

Nicola Huggett


Developing inspirational teachers and leaders

Forward-thinking and dynamic, HMC has been helping its members and their schools to grow and develop since it was founded as the world’s first heads’ association more than 150 years ago. Our service encourages and supports excellence in teaching, learning and school leadership through the 80 courses and conferences it provides each year. HMC’s Professional Development caters specifically for the needs of leaders and staff in HMC schools and its programme is also open to members of other independent school associations.

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