Case Study

Enhancing Children’s Mental Health at Kirkham Grammar School

At Kirkham Grammar School, prioritising the wellbeing and pastoral care of our pupils remains central to our mission. Amidst our academic rigor, we maintain a strong focus on providing extensive pastoral support. Spearheaded by our dedicated team at the Pastoral Hub, we continuously develop initiatives and interventions to bolster pupil wellbeing.

Our school fosters a family ethos, encouraging every member of our community to support one another through life’s challenges. Under the guidance of Deputy Head Pastoral, Nicki Walter, our pastoral landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. Our Sixth Form pupils now lead weekly themed discussions, expanding the scope of pupil voice and promoting awareness on crucial topics like children’s mental health.

This week, children’s mental health forms the central theme of the presentations. In addition, our First (Year 7) and Second Year (Year 8) pupils have taken part in a live virtual author event, with the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George, presenting ‘A Better Day Journal’ and discussing children’s mental health and the benefits of journaling for everyone.


Our PSHE and RSE curriculum includes a Mindfulness course for Third Year (Year 9) pupils, equipping them with tools to navigate mental health challenges effectively. Fourth Year (Year 10) pupils have the opportunity to serve as Peer Mentors for younger pupils, providing valuable support and companionship during break times.

The presence of our beloved school dog, Bee, further enhances pupil well-being by fostering interaction and relaxation. Bee’s role also extends to providing support within the Learning Support Department; listening to children read and contributing to a warm and inclusive environment.

Kirkham Grammar School actively collaborates with on-site counsellors and broader community support networks to ensure comprehensive mental health care for our pupils. Our commitment to well-being extends beyond the school gates; we are engaging our school community in fitness initiatives including a Couch to 5k challenge and Ribby Hall Triathlon, supporting charities and promoting the mental health benefits of exercise.

As we continue to involve our pupil body in shaping a supportive environment, our efforts in promoting mental health and well-being are poised for further growth and success at Kirkham Grammar School.


9 February 2024