What is HMC Associate membership and who can join?

Schools outside the British Isles have been members of HMC’s international division since 1921 and teach a mixture of UK, Australian and Canadian qualifications.

We recognise that not all schools will want to become members of HMC, but will still wish to have a formal connection to the association. International Associate membership offers those schools the chance to join a community of like-minded colleagues, access HMC support and services and benefit from that connection to HMC.

We’re delighted to offer two membership routes for HMC International Associates:

  • Premium subscription, with many of the benefits of full HMC membership.
  • Standard subscription, offering some benefits of full membership. This is available to:
    • Independent and state funded schools outside the British Isles
    • International independent schools

Why become an HMC International Associate?

HMC International Associate schools can benefit from much of the support offered to full members.

Two subscription levels are available, so that you can choose which best meets your needs and those of your school community.

International Associate (Premium Subscription) International Associate (Standard Subscription)
Wide-ranging programme of online and face-to-face courses and leadership programmes Yes Yes
Preferential rates on heads’ and school leaders’ CPD Yes Yes
Heads’ Spring Conference Yes Yes
HMC/AGBIS Good Governance Programme Yes Yes
Networking and community Yes Yes
HMC research and thought-leadership Yes Yes
Use of HMC logo and branding Yes Yes
Listing on HMC website Yes Yes
Heads’ Autumn Conference Yes No
International Heads’ Conference Yes No
Appraisal, Mentoring and coaching for Heads Yes No
HMC Teaching Careers website Yes No
HMC newsletter, briefings and communications Yes Selected briefings

Ready to apply?

The application process to become an HMC Associate is simple and does not require an accreditation visit.

To ensure that the standards of HMC schools are maintained there is a straightforward application process in which you will be asked to demonstrate that you are aligned with HMC’s ethos and values, and can demonstrate that your school offers excellent quality education.

Click here to register online

We look forward to welcoming you into HMC!