HMC Chair Fiona Boulton responds to Ofqual guidance

Responding to the new Ofqual guidance on grade assessments, Fiona Boulton, Chair of HMC and Head of Guildford High School, said:

“HMC is supportive of Ofqual’s latest guidance for schools on assessment of exam grades in Summer 2020.

“We are committed to reliable and just outcomes for all pupils, and parents can trust that schools will work meticulously to make sure the grades we award are fair. HMC would encourage all schools to develop a clear protocol outlining their particular approach to making predicted grades and ranking students, to show they have acted reasonably.

“Teachers know their students and assess them on an ongoing basis, and it’s likely that the majority of pupils will be happy with the outcome and go on to the next stage in their lives as planned. For those who are unhappy with their result, they can sit an exam and teachers will do everything possible to help them prepare.

“I would pay tribute to teachers, who are doing a fantastic job of moving to teaching and learning online and caring for the children of key workers and those who are vulnerable. We are pleased to see that a reasonable timescale has been given for teachers to calculate grades, and I know they will rise again to the challenge.”


3 April 2020