Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Chris Seal
Address: 1922 Charoenkrung Road
Wat Prayaki
Bang Kholame
Phone: 00 66 2675 1888
Division: International

School Profile

Shrewsbury International School seeks to educate young people, to the highest of fully-recognised international standards in a broad-minded community of learning, and to make them aware of both their personal responsibilities and their duty to others.

Shrewsbury International School is blessed with one of the most dramatic educational settings in the world. Just as our noble sister establishment in England has taken its form over 450 years from its riverside setting, so we are energised by the activity and values of the majestic Chao Praya river next to which we stand. Thriving mercantile exchange outside our walls is mirrored within our classrooms by bustling industry as we search for peerless academic success in Thailand.

The school's aspiration though, like that of its neighbouring seafarers, is not limited by the horizon of measurable things. Our children are encouraged by a simply remarkable team of teachers to look beyond their known fields of vision to become international ambassadors: characters of steely integrity and sensitivity in equal measure; characters tolerant of variance and empowered by multi-lingualism; characters considerate and caring yet ambitious to make a difference in a world sorely in need of such compassion and strength.