Co-Curricular Opportunities

HMC independent schools provide unrivalled co-curricular opportunities enabling children to develop a wide range of talents, skills and abilities. Great emphasis is placed on developing rich and diverse co-curricular programmes based on the conviction that individuals thrive in an environment in which all of their abilities and talents are recognised and nurtured.

hmc-icon_dramaThis commitment to providing exceptional co-curricular programmes ensures that HMC independent schools are successful and outstanding in specialist areas, such as sport, music, arts, drama as well as academically. Pupil participation in and commitment to co-curricular activities often leads to successful employment progression and achievement in sports, music and the arts.

hmc-icon_footballPupils in HMC schools play on average between 5 and 6 hours of sport and games HMC_Fact_New-11a week in over 40 different sports - double the amount of sport compared with pupils in state schools. 


hmc-icon_brush_HMC's schools are also proud to have educated well known and successful poets, artists, musicians, explorers and playwrights as well as professional athletes and olympians, many of whom forge lifelong supportive relationships with their former schools.

HMC independent schools often have outstanding facilities to support co-curricular activities, from state of the art IT equipment to high quality sports, music and arts facilities. These facilities are often shared with state maintained schools and the local community alongside sporting partnership activities to give children who are not pupils at independent schools an opportunity to benefit from the schools' educational resources. Click here to find out more.