Kelvinside Academy

Kelvinside Academy

Age Range: 3-18
Head's Name: Daniel Wyatt
Address: 33 Kirklee Road
G12 0SW
Phone: 0141 357 3376
Division: Scottish

School Profile

Kelvinside Academy is a dynamic community which values every child, from 3 to 18 years, for his or her unique qualities. Our friendly, caring approach is complemented by small class sizes, expert teaching, excellent facilities and a wide variety of opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom. 

Our aim is to identify and nurture the talents and aptitudes of each boy and girl. We support our students to achieve their full academic potential and also encourage their personal development through involvement in extra-curricular activities, such as sport, music, drama and outdoor pursuits. We want our students to leave us as well-qualified and well-rounded young people.

Through inspiring and dedicated teaching, each individual student will be encouraged to achieve the best academic qualifications he or she can and, in doing so, be fully prepared for higher education and the workplace.  Students at KA will learn to think for themselves, be creative and imaginative and to search for knowledge and truth with inquisitive open minds.

Working with parents, the responsibility of every member of staff is to assist pupils to develop self–awareness and confidence within an inclusive and caring school community.  Embracing opportunities for leadership and team work, our young people will be enterprising, resilient and adaptable to a world of rapid change.

Kelvinside Academy will support its young people to lead rich and fulfilling lives, valuing freedom, democracy and justice.  In achieving the best they can be, Kelvinside students will learn to act with personal integrity and courage whilst showing compassion, courtesy and concern for others in all they do.

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