Full Membership

Full membership is open to Heads of independent schools in the UK and Ireland. HMC has 282 full members in the UK and Republic Of Ireland.

To qualify for full membership, the Head's school must meet the following quantitative criteria:

  • Academic Standards: an average of 275 UCAS points per candidate.
  • School Size: a minimum of 325 pupils in years 7-13 (or years 9-13).
  • Sixth Form Size: a minimum of 100 pupils (years 12 and 13 combined). A maximum size of 60% of the senior school.
  • Robust financial health.

In addition to the above, other qualitative criteria are borne in mind such as the school's ethos, philosophy and discipline; the range and balance of the curriculum; the quality and effectiveness of the classroom teaching; achievements in co-curricular activities; arrangements for pastoral care, boarding and careers guidance. Whatever the particular ethos of the school, parents can be assured that those with an HMC kite mark will offer the highest quality of teaching and learning.

To see the list of UK members please click here.

To find out more about becoming an full member of HMC, please contact the Membership Secretary, Ian Power on [email protected] or 01858 465020.

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