International Membership of HMC is open to Heads of independent schools outside the British Isles. HMC currently has around 50 international members spread across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North & South America.

HMC provides you with the everyday practical support, resources and guidance you need. International members of HMC and their staff have access to wide-ranging member benefits, and excellent professional development and networking opportunities. See our Benefits of HMC Membership brochure for more information.

There is an International Division for Heads which meets online each term and face-to-face at the HMC Autumn Conference. International members are represented on the main HMC Council and all key Committees.

All our international members and their schools share the same educational values and commitment to quality, innovation and excellence, providing reassurance to parents and pupils that they are choosing the very best education available.

To find out more about becoming an international member of HMC please contact the Head of International Member Services at [email protected]

Learn more about the benefits of international membership of HMC in our video below.