Academic Performance

Year after year, our schools achieve very strong examination results, exceeding national averages, especially in the traditional, 'hard' subjects such as maths, the sciences and modern languages. 


hmc-icon_AIn 2019, approximately two thirds of GCSE/IGSE entries from HMC independent schools were awarded an A/7 or A* grade, over three times the national average. At A-level, nearly half of all entries were awarded an A or A* grade, almost double the national average.

In 2019, three in five of IB (International Baccalaureate) candidates in HMC schools scored 36 points or more and almost one third scored 39 points or more. Over 3,500 pupils in 88 HMC schools took over 5,300 (full/short course) Pre-U exams and over 5,300 pupils in 205 HMC schools took the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Many of our schools regularly top national league tables. However, such measures should be viewed with caution. Schools offer varied qualifications and some are selective while others admit pupils of mixed abilities. Despite such variation, all HMC independent schools provide a holistic educational experience – pastoral, co-curricular and academic.

The unrivalled co-curricular provisions within our schools enable children to develop a breadth of talents, skills and abilities. Pupils leave HMC schools with important life skills, confidence and an awareness of others that comes from a balanced educational experience of which academic success is just one element.

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