MTM Consulting | HMC Autumn Conference 2023

HMC Autumn Conference 2023

2 October 2023 - 4 October 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

The changing nature of headship: Leading into the future
Conference headline sponsor:

MTM Consulting

Exhibitor Stand 3

MTM Consulting is a market research business specialising in the independent education sector. We provide unique data-driven insights to support evidence-based decision-making within the education sector, in the UK and internationally. Typically, this consists of demand and supply style reports, along with traditional market research exercises such as customer research, non-buyers, and mystery shopping.

Our purpose is to support the future of the education sector to understand their markets both domestically and globally. The fundamental challenges facing organisations within the education sector remain the same, despite the ever-changing political and economic landscapes:

  • understanding their markets and how these will change in the future;
  • the ability to develop and adapt business strategy to survive and thrive.

The political and economic factors make these requirements more important now than ever before.

MTM Consulting offers unique data-driven insights that allow organisations to fully understand their current and future markets, and to take evidence-based decisions to inform their business strategy.

With MTM Consulting’s support, schools and organisations have the best chance to thrive and to deliver the educational service their market needs.

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