World Challenge | HMC Autumn Conference 2024

HMC Autumn Conference 2024

30 September 2024 - 2 October 2024

Europa Hotel, Belfast

Innovation and Impact: Independence for the Wider Good
Conference headline sponsor:

World Challenge

We believe that overseas travel is a profoundly empowering form of learning. Our passion drives us to craft unique school trips that go beyond mere exploration, focusing on educating, enriching, and inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators.

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, we’ve facilitated transformative travel experiences across the globe. These journeys are not just trips but pivotal educational experiences that enhance classroom learning, allowing students to emerge as true life-learners and global citizens. It’s a form of learning that imprints on students, offering insights and understanding that can only be gained through first hand experiences of our planet’s diverse cultures.

Our commitment is reflected in our latest impact report, where an impressive 98% of students reported stepping out of their comfort zones, 99% developed leadership skills, and another 99% showcased initiative and problem-solving abilities in challenging situations. These statistics underscore the transformative power of the experiences we provide, shaping students into individuals who are not only aware of the world around them but also equipped to make a difference. Find out more HERE.

We offer more than just travel; we offer a journey towards personal growth and global understanding. It all starts with a ‘yes’ – yes to adventure, yes to challenging comfort zones, and yes to embracing the myriad possibilities our world has to offer.

Join us and unlock a world of potential, where every day on expedition is a step towards becoming a more informed, empowered, and proactive global citizen.

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